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GaragePunk Surfcast #26

  • Hey Paddlepusses... it's episode #26 of the GaragePunk Surfcast with your host, Dan Electreau! Drop in on the party wave and catch some sweet sounds from The Monsters from the Surf, Mobsmen, Thee Cormans and the Revelairs.

    Thanks for lending an ear...
    Here's what you heard:

    Anacondas - Clip the wrong wire
    Majestics - Big noise from Makaha
    Bambi Molesters - Malaguena
    Les Cavaliers - Le ride du judgement dernier
    Long Boards - Big Surf
    Cold Shot Surf - Zombie
    Monsters From The Surf - Monster from the surf
    Monsters From The Surf - Hangman
    Mobsmen - Chunkje
    Shindiggers - Pressure
    Varatones - Repeto
    Radioactive Gamma Rays - Get bent
    Moving Sidewalks - Skaterdater rock
    Revelairs - Ridin' high
    Wet Tones - 7th wave
    OK Kings - Quasimoto
    Reverb Syndicate - Lunar Attack!
    Thom Starr & the Galaxies - Heatwave
    Hot Rod Rog - Little street machine
    Honkeys - No brakes
    Sohail Rana - The Khyber twist
    Thee Cormans - Open the gates