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Kicks from the boot #25

  • Brand new fresh issues for the summer heat with

    The Adolescents, Dwarves, Masonics, Shannon & the Clams,

    Sunny & the Sunsets, the Connection and many more.

    Italian boot kick by the Intellectuals, thee Oops!, the Monolithics,

    thee Catacombs.

    Artwork by  Marco Venturini






    The CONNECTION - Stop Talking

    PUSSYCAT & the DIRTY JOHNSONS - Vampire Sugar


    The ADOLESCENTS - One Nation Under Siege

    The DWARVES - I Masturbate me

    Thee OOPS! - Wooden Cunt

    FIFI & the MACH III - Swing a Big Hammer


    HUNX and his PUNX - Dream On (Little Dreamer)

    The INTELLECTUALS - A Cheap Religion

    CHUCK VIOLENCE and his ONE MAN BAND - Just Because of You

    JACK O' FIRE - Wine Wine Wine


    The OTHERMAN - I don't Know Why

    TWIN GUNS - Safe

    The SIBERIANS - Who's Laughing Now

    The SPLITS - Crazy For You


    KNYGHTS of FUZZ - U.G.L.Y.

    The MONOLITHICS - Head or Tail

    The CHURCH of ENTERTAINMENT HEDONISM - Bubbleonia Rising

    The EVILTONES Toddler's Joys


    Thee CATACOMBS - You're Wild

    SHANNON & The CLAMS - King of the Sea

    The MASONICS - Sorrow Lane

    SONNY & The SUNSETS - Acres of Lust

    SLATE DUMP - The Addiction Waltz