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Kicks From the Boot #14

  • Dusty, Rusty and Lusty....
    Swingin' in the sixties and dancing with the pixie.
    What you hear is what you get.



    The HUMANS - Warning
    HARA KEE-REES - Let me feel
    NOVAK's KAPELLE - Doing that rhythm thing
    The FAB - I can only give you everything
    The SOUND APPARATUS - Travel agent man
    The EARLY HOURS - Get what I want
    The MISANTHROPES - Waiting for you
    MISTREATERS - Won't you be mine
    Le BISCE - La danza della morte
    I METEORS (ita) - Lasciami con lei
    The LIVERBIRDS - Talking 'bout you
    The BAD ROADS - Blue girl
    The MIRACLE MEN - Who, what, where
    TONY BORLOTTI e i suoi FLAUERS - Cosa dirĂ² a lei
    The PERSONS - Drive my mustang
    The OTHER HALF - It's too hard without you
    The MEN - Dancing little thing
    The OKMONICS - Not that good
    QUINTRON & Miss PUSSYCAT - Jamskate
    CHEWING GUM - Senti questa chitarra
    PAUL BEARER & the HEARSEMEN - I've been thinking
    SIR STAN & the COUNTS - Soulin'
    The WAILERS - Bad trip
    Gli AVVOLTOI - Questa notte