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Kicks from the Boot #12


    Kicks from the Boot episode number twelve.

    Virulent and dirty infected grooves from Australia, United States, Canada

    and of course from the Italian boot with Tito & the Brainsuckers,

    The Woody Peakers, I Mitomani, The Cavemen.

    ...GET YER KICKS...


    WOVEN BONES - Janie
    TRACTOR SEX FATALITY - Three notes arena
    TITO &The BRAINSUCKERS - Like no other man
    BANTAM ROOSTER - Shit town
    DIGGER & The PUSSYCATS - Working at a desk
    DEMON'S CLAWS - Fucked on ketamine
    ACTION SWINGERS - Cuban bush
    QUADRAJETS - 61 Blues
    The FIENDS - Ain't it hard
    The WOODY PEAKERS - She's goin' on
    The BOGEYMEN - I'm sure you'll get everything you want
    TURBO FRUITS - The run around
    BATS - Got a girl
    SEX MUSEUM - All I really want
    The BOOBY TRAPS - Shake up
    BLUES EXPLOSION - Half time loser
    CHILI COLD BLOOD - Breaker 19 motherfucker
    I MITOMANI - Non ho dormito mai
    The BLACK ANGELS - Sunday afternoon
    The HUNCHES - Static disaster
    CAVEMEN - L'ora delle streghe