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Kicks From the Boot #8

  • Episode number 8 of Kicks from the Boot....

    Sick and psycho sounds by Telescopes,Omens,Speedball baby,


    A cure for your pain with no anesthesia..

    Italian boot kick by The Industries,Aratari,The Leeches,Asteroidi.

    ..DIG DA BOOT....



    SPEEDBALL BABY - Pin Up cowboy

    The CRAMPS - Hot pearl snatch

    The INDUSTRIES - Boozeman blues

    TELESCOPES - I fall she screams


    The BROOD - Leave me alone

    DAN MELCHIOR - Devil in the flesh

    SPIDER BABIES - I don't give a fuck about you

    The DWARVES - Drugstore

    CANDY SNATCHERS - Sympathy trip

    The CREATION - Can I join your band

    Gli ASTEROIDI - Sesto sincronismo

    OMENS - Searching

    ARATARI - La ballata dell'elefante

    5678's - Pinball party

    SLACKTONE - Tidal waves

    The REVILLOS - Motorbike beat

    The BEAT KILLERS - Wha cha gonna do

    The MORTALS - Turn away

    The LEECHES - No sport

    The RIVIERAS - Tossin and turnin'