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Kicks From the Boot #6

  • Six Kicks Six! The boot is back with some blastin' killer songs from

    Chrome Cranks,Davila 666,The Hate Bombs,Kermit's Finger,Dead Elvis.

    Bad Afro's preview for Radio Saigon's "Another time" coming out in November.

    Italian boot kick by The Primeteens,The Mighties,Electric Shields,The Rokes,Dangerous Chickens



    (Italian spoken version / versione in italiano)

    Click here


    CHROME CRANKS - Stuck in a cave

    RADIO SAIGON - Another time

    DAVILA 666 - Basura

    The PRIMETEENS - I'm gonna love you

    KERMIT'S FINGER - Gotta get me some time

    BEAT MERCHANTS - Pretty face

    DEAD ELVIS and his ONE MAN GRAVE - Deadest girl in town

    RONNIE DAWSON - Club wig wam

    The MIGHTIES - The third one sucks

    SAKURA & the QUESTS - My boy lollipop

    CHEATER SLICKS - Spanish rose

    The HATE BOMBS - Going away babe

    LORD HIGH FIXERS - You left me hangin'...I'm cutting that rope

    The MIGHTY HANNIBAL - Get back

    Los MOCKERS - Don't go again

    The ROKES - Hi heel sneakers

    ELECTRIC SHIELDS - Cry baby cry

    The ONLY ONES - Language problem

    DANGEROUS CHICKENS - I wanna play this fuckin' game

    GUITAR WOLF - Refrigerator zero

    SATURN V - Pretty girls everywhere