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Kicks From the Boot #3

  • Let's go with the third kick!
    Garage punk. surf, psychotic, rawk'n'roll by
    Pirate Love from Norway,The Satelliters from German,
    Barbwires from Sweden,some Italian chunks by 99TH Floor,Temporal Sluts,Movie Star Junkies,Telstar,Ray Daytona and the Googoobombos,and much more from past and present.


    PIRATE LOVE – Laughing gas
    99th FLOOR – Losing your mind

    The MICRAGIRLS – Queen of the cavemen
    TELSTAR – With my girl
    RAY DAYTONA and the GOOGOOBOMBOS – Scrambler
    Los ESPLOSIVOS – Hombre lobo

    ANDRE WILLIAMS – Car with the star
    TWO TEARS – One black glove
    The UGLY BEATS – Take a stand
    MOVIE STAR JUNKIES – Little boy

    TEMPORAL SLUTS – I’m not dead yet
    The SATELLITERS – Why do they know
    The KNICKERBOCKERS – Just one girl
    The GROUP – Alright!

    DM BOB and the DEFICITS – Cowpower
    HUMAN BEINZ – Turn on your love light
    JAN DAVIS – Fugitive
    The STANDELLS – Last train to Clarksville

    BARBWIRES – Ms.Riptide RPM