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Closing Doors Indie Go Go Campaign

  • I've wanting to branch out a little with Nix Comics, publishing other folks music related comics.  Its pretty tough to find good ones that take the subject matter seriously while still telling a story.   You can drop pin ups and esoteric references all you want, but in the end the story has to be about something more reflective of our society as a whole.

    Mark Rudolph's Closing Doors, about Record Store owner Elvin Cherry coming to inevitable conclusions about not only his business, but also his community and lifestyle, really hits that sweet spot.  Not strictly a garage punk related topic, but I think we all have record stores, comic shops and newsstands that we miss.

    If you'd like to pre-order a copy of the book or subscribe to Nix Comics, please take a gander at the indie go go campaign I've set up:

    (And hey... Share the link some if you really want to help a fella out!  I'm hoping I can use this project to springboard into publishing a lot of cool stuff besides my own stories!)