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SLOWBOAT FILMS NEWS - Anarchists, Pirates & Folksingers

  • greetings,

    here the lowdown on our activities:

    - we just got back from a 7400 mile journey down the outlaw highway seeking visions that challenge the status quo.
    slowboat films' latest epic is called the kingdom of survival and features prof. noam chomsky, joe bageant, dr. mark mirabello, ak press, the michigan militia and many more (infos below).

    - the acclaimed the folksinger - a tale of men, music & america is now available as a special edition dvd/cd double pack.
    for orders contact us at:

    - get your copy of the dead brothers' newest release the 5th sin-phonie feat. lyrics by slowboat film's own m.a. littler.


    slowboat films

    The Kingdom of Survival

    The Kingdom of Survival is an interdisciplanary documentary combining speculative travelogue and investigative journalism in order to trace possible links between survivalism, Christianity, modern day militias, alternative media and avantgarde philosophy.

    Circling through themes of utopianism, globalized capitalism, anarchism, terrorism, religion and art, the film investigates physical and psychological survival strategies practiced by groups and individuals in a conflict-ridden and confused post-modern world.

    Maverick writer and filmmaker M.A. Littler hits the outlaw highway in search of visions that challenge the status quo. Contrary to the popular approach of trying to summon arguments that legitimize a pre-conceived point of view, Littler seeks out contrary opinions ranging from the far left to the far right of the political spectrum, from the spiritual to the strictly secular and from the profound to the profane.