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The House of Wild Delights #8

  • The House of Wild Delights #8

    Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrghhhhhh !!!

    You’d better be warned baby coz this 8th episode of THE HOUSE OF WILD DELIGHTS on is about to blow your ugly Mp3 player up and will probably tear every squares’ eardrums too !

    If not, you’ll surely dance so hot and shout so loud to the untamed sounds of The fabulous Hex Dispensers, Thee wonderful Crucials, The marvelous Monsters and various other soulful burnouts or disrespectful punks,that you’ll be as out of breath as The screamin’ Soul Preacher spinning and wailing for you !

    Alright, are you ready for this ?

    Please come in…

    Here's the link :


    or here's the player :


    The House of Wild Delights #8 by Thescreaminsoulpreacher on Mixcloud


    And here’s the menu tonight :

    “Desperate Twister”- The Desperate Twisters
    “Black hole blues”- The Anomalys
    “Brain numb”- The Hipshakes
    “12 x U”- Jack O’ Fire
    “Miscrocospe feeling”- The Bassholes
    “Daddy daddy”- Ruth Brown

    “The Fox”- Ho-Daddies

    “The Robot walk”- Tony (Robot) Alamo
    “The side wind”- The Lyrics with the Top Notes
    “Treat her right”- Roy Head and the Traits
    “I can’t stand myself”- Mona Lisa
    “I don’t do funerals anymore”- The Morlocks
    “Doe eyes”- Thee Crucials

    “Loin of the surf”- Swell Maps

    “1523 blair”- The Outcasts
    “Mr Man”- The Lyrics
    “Never alone”- The Five Canadians
    “I’ve got my Doppelgänger on”- The Hex Dispensers
    “The right side”- Cococoma

    “Praying Mantis”- Thee Fine Lines

    “You better believe me”- Celia and the Fabulous Mutations
    “My mind ain’t so open”- Magazine
    “Lovesong”- The Damned
    “Voyeur’s blues”- Penthouse
    “Watcha gonna do”- The Monsters
    “What do you think you’re doing of”- Billy Fury

    “Buzzzzzz”- Jimmy Gordon

    “One chord wonders”- The Adverts
    “What do I want ?”- Hüsker Dü
    “No time”- The Saints
    “Can’t control myself”- Subverts
    “Fixed up”- The Outsiders
    “Nina Haagen Das”- Wizzard Sleeve

    “Strange happenings”- Rex Garvin

    “Little girl (I was wrong)”- Mickey Lee Lane

    That’s it.

    Hope you’ve enjoyed the show and you’ll come back for more bangin’ and cryin’ here in THE HOUSE OF WILD DELIGHTS on with your ruined old host : The screamin’ Soul Preacher.

    Thanks for listening.

    More extra thanks to Kopper for keeping posting my insanities…

    See you next time ?