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The House of Wild Delights episode 5

  • The House of Wild Delights #5

    Welcome aboard THE HOUSE OF WILD DELIGHTS express n° 5 from the GaragePunk Pirate Radio station, ladies and gentlemen, with your special conductor tonight : The screamin’ Soul Preacher !

    We hope you’ll enjoy travelling by our side in this train with such great numbers as The Gun Club, the Johnny Burnette Trio, Blind Gary Davis and many others.

    So get your ticket, take a seat and let our train rides you to Nowhere…


    or listen from the player below :


    The House of Wild Delights episode 5 by Thescreaminsoulpreacher on Mixcloud


    Here’s what you’ll find in the wagons :

    “This train”- The Staple Singers

    Bed : “Lost train”- The Jades

    “Black smoke and blue tears”- Clyde Arnold
    “Midnight train”- Dorsey Burnette
    “How long has that evening train been gone”- Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell
    “Long, long train”- Bill Mack
    “Mem’ry train”- Zen Fuller

    Bed : “D-rail”- The Flintales

    “Day train”- Sandy Nelson
    “I’m waiting at the station”- Aaron Neville
    “The train from Kansas City”- The Shangri-Las
    “Hear that train”- The Ly-Dells
    “Denver (part 1)”- Bob Ayres & the Secret Agent Men

    Bed : “Night train”- Jimmy Forrest

    “Choo choo rock”- Jerry McCain and his Upstarts
    “L & N Special”- Christine Kittrell
    “Heartbreak train”- Doug Corby
    “Long black train”- Harold Jenkins
    “When the train comes along”- Blind Gary Davis

    Bed : “Ghost train”- Electro-Tones

    “The train”- Lonnie Brooks
    “Train of sin”- Bill Haley and his Comets
    “Train I ride”- Doo Rag
    “Black train”- The Gun Club
    “On the train”- The Makers

    Bed : “Honky tonk train blues”- Meade Lux Lewis

    “When I hear the honkin’ of the diesel train”- Nervous Norvus

    That’s it. End of the line.

    Hope you’ve enjoyed this railroad trip aboard the TRAIN OF WILD DELIGHTS number 5 and you’ll come back for more choo-choo rockin’ and loco-motive twistin’ soon with your special engineer : The screamin’ Soul Preacher on

    Thanks for listening.