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Shadows In The Void #6


    Artwork by Natacha P.

    Shadows In The Void #6 on GaragePunk Pirate Radio...

    Down and bleeding, Dead End Fred's seeking for sick satisfaction even though there's no issue...



    Shadows In The Void #6 by Thescreaminsoulpreacher on Mixcloud



    Playlist :

    “Nervous Breakdown”- Black Flag (from one of the countless  7” repress on SST.)

    “(She Got) Thought Crime”- Rev. Norb and The Onions (from the “Rev. Norb & the Onions” lp on Certified PR records.)

    “I Didn’t Know”- Sick Thoughts (from the “Coming Over” 7” on Going Underground records.)

    “Baby’s Playing Game”- Vomit Pigs (from the “Bloodstains Across Texas” lp compilation on Bloodstains.)

    “Because Of You”- The Sleaze (from the “Tecktonik Girlz” lp on Total Punk.)

    “Casual Drinker”- Cuntz (from the “Aloha” lp on Homeless.)

    “Live Action Jazz”- Gentlemen (from the “Sex Tape” 12”ep on Homeless.)

    “Bitches Wheel”- Piranhas (from the “Erotic Grit Movies” lp on In The Red records.)

    “Looking Good On The Way Down”- Functional Blackouts (from “The Functional Blackouts” lp on Criminal IQ.)

    “Todd Killings”- Angry Samoans (from the “Back From Samoa” lp on Bad Trip records.)

    “Bloodstains”- Agent Orange (from the “Bloodstains Across California” lp compilation on Bloodstains.)

    “Surrounded By Death”- Naked Intruder (from the 7” on Jeth-Row/ Expensive and Time Consuming Hobby records.)

    “Disease”- S.O.A. (from the “Demolition 1, Killed by Hardcore 1980-1983” lp compilation on Durch Fans Fur Fans/Disco Trend 38.)

    “Spräckta Snutskallar”- The Shitlickers (from an old tape of mine, originally released as a 7” ep on Malign Massacre records.)

    “Sick Satisfaction”- Carbonas (from the “Carbonas” lp on Raw Deluxe records.)

    “Out For Blood”- G.G. Allin and The Scumfucs (from the “GG Allin + The Scumfucs” 7” ep on Blood records.)

    “Sat. Night Suicide”- Reatards (from the “Grown Up, Fucked Up” lp on Empty records.)

    “No Issue”- Les Tueurs De La Lune De Miel (from the “Punk Live- First Belgian Punk Contest-March 1978” lp compilation repro, originally released on JW’s records.)

    “Rather See You Dead”- Legionaries Disease (from the “Outlaws In My Eye, Texas !” cd compilation.)

    “Euthanasie”- Les Olivensteins (from “Les Olivensteins” lp on Born Bad records.)

    “Coffin Case”- Angry Samoans (from the “Back From Samoa” lp on Bad Trip records.)

    “Cut Out !”- Black Sunday (from the “Cut Out !” 7” on Tic Tac Totally !.)

    “I’m Tired Of Life”- T.S.O.L. (from the “Dance With Me” lp on Frontier records.)

    “Exit”- Dirt Shit (from the “Killed By Death #6” lp compilation on Redrum records.)

    “Catastrophe”- The Twenty-Seven (from the “Don’t Go To Extremes” 7” on Tremor records.)

    “Perfumed Metal”- Chrome (from the “Blood On The Moon” lp on Don’t Fall Off The Mountain.)

    “Coma Girl”- T.I.T.S. (from the “T.I.T.S.” lp on Teenage Menopause records.)

    “Shame”- Splash 4 (from the “Shame, Shame, Shame” 10” ep on Dionysus records.)

    “If Looks Could Kill”- Crime (from the “Murder By Guitar” lp on Superior Viaduct.)

    “Power Cut”- Jermz (from another old tape of mine, originally released on One Way records.)

    “Plastic”- Mollesters (from the “Killed By Death #69” lp compilation on Redrum.)

    “E.A.P.”- Brülbajz (from the “Vägra Raggarna Benzin” cd compilation on Massproduktion.)

    “Stayin’ Out”- The Spites (from the 7” on Rip Off records.)

    “Can I Get Some More”- Live Fast Die (from the “Bandana Thrash Record” lp on Dead Beat records.)

    “Tune You Out”- Chemicals (from the “Crosstops” 7” on Truhn EarWax /JonnyCat Records.)

    Thanks for listening.

     Thanks to all the bands and labels involved. You RULE !!!

    Extra thanks to Natacha for the artwork.