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Mottey's GaragePunk 35

  • Some punk influenced blues put together under the influence of some blues influence moonshine

    blues 197

    white stripes stop breaking down
    rl burnside going down south a ass pocket
    the immortal lee county killers thats how strong my love is love is a charm
    the floors bo creak dead beat
    johnny hoodoo blue moon of kentucky at my house

    black mekon black mekon must die the astounding freak party
    gibson brothers broke down engine man who loved couch dancing
    tongue tied twin not for sale travel alone winterthur in switzerland

    the dad horse expierience the moonshiner
    7 horse meth lab zoso sticker
    the ufo club o didley was the seventh son

    the jack shits you dont know
    the hartes It;l come to you
    cc riders train kept a rollin