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Whatever happened to critical rock music journalism?

  • Once there were many magazines that featured rock music. Creem, Crawdaddy, Trouser Press, Bomp, Rock Scene, Rolling Stone, to name a few. If you read any of these magazines you got a feel for the music. The articles and reviews promoted the music and the culture that supported it. If you paid attention, you could get an understanding of what the music was about, and it would guide you toward music you would enjoy. Now, all but one of these magazines are gone, the only remaining magazine is Rolling Stone. But Rolling Stone is no longer a rock magazine. When your cover article is American Idol or Glee, you are more closely related to magazines like Us or People than to any of the rock magazines of the past. If you read the articles, you would be lead to believe that this is the direction music is actually headed, and that this music is actually good. They do not make any distinction between good and popular. If you read deeper, you will actually be told that you should go out and listen to, and purchase this music because you will like it. But trust me, if you like rock music, you will not like American Idol, Glee, the Disney kids, One Direction, Lil Wayne, or any of the "rock stars" they promote.

    A pause in the blog. I was just watching the football game and a segment with Ceelo doing "Blitzkreig Bop" came on. This is SO WRONG! I'm so distraught I can't continue.

    I will be continuing my blog posts again after I cool down. If you like this let me know, if you disagree, let me know. Your feedback is important to me and I welcome any comments you may have about anything.

    Ceelo? Blitzkrieg Bop? I think I'm gonna be sick.