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Radio What Wave's Top 10 of 2007

  • Top 10 Records/CD’s 2double0 7....on Radio What Wave

    Played Radio WW's top 10 for 2double0 7 on the 1/3/08 show this past week and posted them on the blog above this...but here they are in their glory by themselves in no particular order....for what that's worth.....

    1. The Statues....New People Make Us Nervous....angular power pop from Northern Ontario making inroads overseas but not here....why????

    2. Andy Butler and the 905's....New Test Sounds CD....self released powerpop CD from this new band that lives just beyond the smog of Toronto.

    3. The Stolen Minks....5 song 7" from Link Wrays wannabee daughters that hail from the east coast of Canada.

    4.The Paperboxes....self released CD from this drums'n'git duo that hail from the west coast of Canada.

    5. The Midways...Manners Manners....took some Germans to have the smarts to release this long player by our fave Toronto garage band...

    6. The Cynics...Here We Are...ya, it's quieter than previous efforts but it's still a helluva record!!!

    7. The Queers....Grow CD on Asian Man Records that features one of my alltime fave git slingers, Mr. J.J. Rassler!

    8. Mary Weiss....Dangerous Game...fuggin comeback of the century!!! And her voice is just as good as her days in the Shangri La's.....and with Greg's Reigning Sound as the band...that's shit yet pants material!!

    9.Grinderman....Grinderman....ya, so what if it's Nick Cave and some of his Bad Seeds...Nick if FUCKING pissed and he wants you to know it jack!!! Make no mistake this is ferocious howling that you gotta hear to believe...

    10. Jim Ashby....Speed City 7" fave record of the year...and it's from my hometown...and it's demented....and it's a re-ish of the 1970 novelty hit about my hometown...and it's really really good...and you'll love it too!

    There's a ton of other records and CD's that coulda made this list, but the above 10 pulled my heartstrings and made my ears smile the most...