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The Trip! Remembrance Day Show!

  • In honor of Remembrance Day, Greg has put together a musical homage to fallen soldiers.  Listen here:

    The setlist: 

    the monks- monk time
    the monks- complication
    suck- war pigs
    resistance 77- nuclear attack
    motorhead- emergency
    major accident- warboots
    the kinks- mr. churchill says
    the last- bombing of london
    sgt. barry sadler- ballad of the green berets
    stiff little fingers- tin soldiers
    cosmic psychos- rambo
    singing guitars- torpedo
    mad heads- ukrainian horror show
    big bill broonzy- in the army now
    resistance 77- join the army
    type o negative- the glorious liberation of the peoples technocratic republic of vinnland (by the combined forces of the united
    territories of europa)
    motorhead- 1916
    cosmic psychos- gangrene dream
    angelic upstarts- soldier
    biggi hilmars- war hero