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Vicious Visions 3

  • Ryan & Ashley are back once more with one mind fuck of a show (if we don't say so ourselves)! We could dazzle you with a bakers dozen glittering generalities but no. Just play it and quit being a baby!

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    Autopilot - Love Is A Process (Merimusic)

    GHB - No Relief (V/A Land of Nod/Scavenger of Death)

    Diat - No Accent (Iron Lung)

    Deep Heat - New Design (Poison City)

    Broken Water - Stop Means Stop (Peripheral Star/Perennial)

    Bits of Shit - Orphan Age (Cut Sleeves/Homeless)

    Kurvaka - Ciudad De Cristal (Todo Destruido Discos)

    Kurvaka - Sufrimiento (Todo Destruido Discos)

    Belgrado - Vicious Circle (Self-Released)

    Silla Electrica - No Hay Nada Mas (Ritmo Suicida)

    Rough Kids - In Effigy (The State I'm In/Sorry State)

    Iceage - Awake (You're Nothing/Matador)

    Las Robertas - In Between Buses (Cry Out Loud/Art Fag)

    Keel Her - Riot Grrrl (Critical Heights)

    Distractions - False Jesii Pt. 2

    Chin Chin - Why Am I So Lonely (Sound of the West Way/Farmer)

    The Brat - Attitudes (Attitudes EP/Fatima)

    Electronic Circus - Direct Lines (Scratch)

    B-Movie - Nowhere Girl (Early Years 1979-1984/New Romantic)

    Isolation Ward - Absent Heart (Bruits Essentiels)

    Nervous Patterns - Robots on the Loose (Self-Titled/Cochon)

    Black Bug - Threads (Reflecting the Light/Hozac)

    Holly & the Italians - I Wanna Go Home (The Right To Be Italian/Virgin)