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Vicious Visions #2


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    Beez - Do The Suicide (1977)
    Dark Day - Arps Carpet (Exterminating Angel/Minimal Wave)
    Syntax Error - Transitor Love (Rerun)
    Amy & The Angels - I Hate Being In Love (Making Waves/Girlfriend)
    Sharades - Dumbhead (Let's Go: Joe Meek's Girls/RPM)
    Hand Cream - Program (Khyber Compilation II)
    Lost Tribe - Fading Into The Fog (Self-Titled/Blind Prophet)
    Pleasure Leftists - Suits (Self-Titled EP/Fan Death)
    Spirit of Danger - Broke & Alone (Narrow Vision)
    Peace Warriors - If You Don't Leave, I'm Setting You On Fire (Demo/Self-Released)
    Gorilla Angreb - De Kommer Ud Om Natten (Self-Titled/Hjernespind)
    Electric Deads - 30 Years (Anti-Sex EP/Electro Static)
    The Vicious - The Happiest Place (Alienated/Feral Ward)
    Condominium - Barricade (Fashionable idiots)
    Lebenden Toten - Near Dark (Near Dark/Feral Ward)
    Chemical Peel - World May End (Bad Cream Demo/Self-Released)
    Surgeons - In My Scope (Total Punk)
    Cleaners From Venus - Only A Shadow (Midnight Cleaners/Captured Tracks)
    Blitz - Husk (Future)