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The Mal Thursday Show #49: Texas Tyme Machine Vol. 14

  • Mal Thursday goes forward into the past with "The Wig Story," as told by Johnny Richardson, Benny Rowe, Bill Wilmot, and Jess Yaryan. The Austin band (1965-1967) left behind two classic 45s and the reverberations of many a wild night at the Jade Room echoing down the ages. Dedicated to the memory of Rusty Wier. Presented in Living Monophonic Sound.


    THE WIG: Forever and a Day

    THE NERVEBREAKERS: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

    THE CLIQUE: (I am) Superman


    THE HAPPEN-INS: Be Yer Fool

    BLACK ANGELS: Don't Play with Guns

    ZZ TOP: Salt Lick

    THE LOST COUNTS: Hoppin' Dog

    THE WIG: Drive It Home/To Have Never Loved At All/Everybody Needs Somebody to Love/Crackin' Up/Bluescene

    THE BEAUMONTS: Toby Keith

    PIñATA PROTEST: Jackee

    CHURCHWOOD: I Have a Devil in Me

    GLAMBILLY: I'm In Love with a Ghost

    COPPER GAMINS: Wet Sounds

    T. TEX EDWARDS: Love Power

    THE SONS OF HERCULES: Rock of Gibraltar

    KENNY & THE KASUALS: Floating

    THE WIG: Louie Louie

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