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PSYCHOTIC INFRACTIONS: Under the Covers Presented by Mal Thursday

  • Psychotic Infractions: Under the Covers

    Host: Mal Thursday

    The Forums were arguably the best place on the Web for fans of garagepunk trash rockabilly powerpop slop to come together and discuss the music we all dig so much. Brad X’s combo recorded a cover of Tonto and The Renegades “Little Boy Blue” which sparked the idea to compile a comp of GaragePunk forum members, either as bands or individuals, covering cool ’60s Garage/Beat/Rock’n'Roll tunes. JP Rackets urged people to contribute songs and the response was incredible. Songs started coming in from all over the world. Established bands and first-timers alike joined in. Other forum members designed a cover, mastered and sequenced the disc and it was copied and distributed to forum members by other forum members. All for free. Now, thanks to MalThursday of Florida Rocks Again!, it’s been converted to a podcast. Dig in, and dig it.

    Originally posted on February 2, 2006


    1. atvff (atvff) - Stop Look and Listen (Unknown Fine Recording Artist)
    2. jprackets (Morey & The Amsterdams) - Long Time Waiting (Munks)
    3. Mal Thursday (Mal Thursday & the Cheetahs) - That’s Your Problem (Outsiders)
    4. Snackbar (Dorktones) - It’s My Pride (Guess Who)
    5. Derf (Covingtons) - He’s Waitin’ (Sonics)
    6. rumblemoney (Damn Dirty Apes) - Psycho (Sonics)
    7. John Alexopolous (Sound Explosion) - She’s Sorry (Journey men)
    8. Brad X (Trash Stranglers) - Little Boy Blue (Tonto & The Renegades)
    9. Krakhaus (Mahow Mahows) - Hipsville 29 BC (Sparkles)
    10. K.F. (Daytonas) - I Fought The Law (Bobby Fuller Four)
    11. vonghouls (Von Ghouls) - Twenty Eight (Steppenwolf)
    12. cpalmerd (Mystic Eyes) - Take It Or Leave It (Barbarians)
    13 Spacerich66 (Spacerich66) - Leave My House (Modds)
    14. Garage45sRule (Wrong Directions) - Every Night (Human Expression)
    15. Hipsterdoofus (Drastics) - Jenny Lee (Tree Stumps)
    16. freakbeattrash (Paul messis) - I’m in Pittsburgh (And It’s Raining) (Outcasts)
    17. Sir Maggot (Maggots) - Tomato Juice (Cardinals)
    18. W.B. Vaughan (W.B. Vaughan) - Road Runner (Bo Diddley)
    19. Doc Detroit (Long John Thomas & The Duffs) - Dynamite (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)
    20. Freakouts (Freak Outs) - The Way I Walk (Jack Scott)
    21. Bon Von Wheelie (Girl Trouble) - Got My Mojo Working (Muddy waters)
    22. Mr Pharmacist (Betty & the ID) - Red Light (Sands of Time)
    23. cowboys are square (Be Neats) - Wildman (Tamrons)