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The Mal Thursday Show #6: The Girl-Getters

  • This episode of The Mal Thursday Show was inspired by Michael Winner's 1964 film, The System, released in the US two years later under the title The Girl-Getters, and starring the one and only Oliver Reed. The film concerns the misadventures of a group of rogues in a seaside resort, who set out to seduce all the pretty girls who come there on holiday, and has just been reissued on DVD in the UK. We'll be telling the story of this lost classic of '60s cinema through the music of a bunch of British and American Beat Groups. Dedicated to the memory of the late, great Ollie.
    Available for download at Playlist: THE GIRL-GETTERS: The Girl-Getters THE SEARCHERS: The System THE BIRDS: Next in Line THE SONS OF FRED: I'll Be There THE BEATIN' PATH: Original Nothing People MICKEY FINN: This Sporting Life THE BEAT MERCHANTS: Pretty Face THE FIVE MORE: I'm No Good THE KNICKERBOCKERS: One Track Mind THE STYLOS: Head Over Heels THE CHEYNES: She's So Respectable THE DOWNLINERS SECT: Baby What's Wrong DESTINY'S CHILDREN: The Collectors THE LOOT: Baby Come Closer LES FLEURS DE LYS: Mud in Your Eye THE PRETTY THINGS: You Don't Believe Me THE RATIONALS: Leaving Here THE MOCKINGBIRDS: You Stole My Love
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