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Sworn Liars* ‎– 14 Grim Tales For Hip Kids And Malevolent Midgets (CD) HIGH NOON now- LP-soon on BIG NECKrecords

  • 14 TRACKS in 20 MINUTES! ** Featuring ex-Members of SHAKIN NASTIES and MOORAT FINGERS!** Mixed by CHRISTOPH RATH ( CELLOPHANE SUCKERS ) ** Masterd by TIM WARREN (CRYPT RECORDS ))Attn : Potential Friend, Sister And Brother Have you ever wondered what it's like to have a Creep-A-Zoid Sick-O-Delic Audio Snot Blitz unleashed in your puny defiled aural cavities? Hot Damn! Probably not, but you gonna get yours with the this SWORN LIARS CD ,14 Grim Fairy Tales For Hip Kids And Malevolent Midgets". FOR FANS OF THE GERMS, BLACK FLAG, STOOGES