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Rock'n'Roll Suicide #92


    1. X: Slash Your Wrists (X-Spurts: The 1977 Recordings, Aztec Music)
    2. Manic Depressives: You Know Where You’re Going (split w/0:30 Second Flash, Rerun)
    3. Mark Sultan: Let Me Freeze (Whenever I Want, In The Red)
    4. Armitage Shanks: ATV (Brain Dart)
    5. Video: I Am The Sum (Leather Leather, Play Pinball)
    6. Monsters: Baby OK (Pop Up Yours, Voodoo Rhythm)
    7. True Sons Of Thunder: Ebola (s/t, Jeth-Row)
    8. Flyin’ Tricheros: Death To False Drugs (s/t, Mastermind)
    9. 0:30 Second Flash: Insanity (split w/Manic Depressives, Rerun)
    10. Barreracudas: Don’t Roll Your Eyes At Me (Nocturnal Missions, Douchemaster)
    11. Vex Ruffin: Losing Control (Stones Throw)
    12. Gruberger Brothers: Chain Saw (Greetings From Reading PA, Rerun)
    13. Pheromoans: The Only Way Is Up (Bar Rock, Monofonus)
    14. White Faces: I’m Your Creep (s/t, Windian)
    15. Sharp Objects: Zero Ambition (P,Trash)
    16. Cormans: Emergency (In The Red)
    17. City Sweethearts: New Girl In Town (Sleeping Through Modern Times, P.Trash)
    18. Spits: I’m Scum (Spits V, In The Red)
    19. Secret Prostitutes: Sabtabe Bran Bukti (Never Mind The KBD, This Is ADD, Bad Hair Life)
    20. Johnny Throttle: Love Me Til I Come (s/t, Dirty Water)
    21. Crazy Squeeze: Gimme A Kiss (Rapid Pulse)
    22. Modern Lovers: She Cracked (The Original Modern Lovers, Bomp!)
    23. Really Loud Hamburgers: Hate Crime (Florida’s Dying)
    24. Sex Cult: Sid Vicious (Goner)
    25. Reactions: I Can’t Help It (Saturday’s Gone Wild)
    26. Gaye Blades: You Where With Him (s/t, Norton)
    27. Paper Bags: Normal Shit (SYFATB)
    28. Mean Jeans: Let’s Go B4 I Blow My Brains Out (Big Neck)