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Fifty-Four Forty Or Fight! Episode No. 17

  • Fifty-Four Forty Or Fight! Episode No. 17

    Play List

    The Mants – “Red Monkey”

    Top 5 NW Rock N’ Roll Songs Courtesy of the Mants:
    Thee Manipulators – “Ooga Booga Man”
    The Fiends – “Creepy Thing”
    The Vicious Cycles – “Go Fast Turn Left”
    The Primate 5 – “1-2-3-4-5-6-7-Ape!”
    The Mummies – “That’s Mighty Childish”

    The Mants – “Mants In Your Pants”
    Thee Fine Lines – “I Wanna Feel Fine”
    The Del-Gators – “Kucamonga Train”
    The Revox – “When You Are Alone”
    The Yolks – “You Don’t Live Here No More”
    The Compulsive Gamblers – “Stop and Think It Over”
    The Flat Duo Jets – “Whoa Baby Blue”
    The Hookers – “Gonna Rock You Tonite”
    The Candy Snatchers – “House of Skag”

    Christina &/the Bippies – “Monkey Around With Me”
    The Dukes of Hamburg – “Far Far Away”
    The Demon’s Claws – “Who Needs A Girl”
    The Ritchie Whites – “Mark Penner Murdered Tyrone Childs”
    The Mistreaters – “Lively One”
    Th’ Losin’ Streaks – “If You Think”
    The Victims – “Dance With You”
    Roky Erickson – “Click Your Fingers Applauding the Play”

    Explicit 18+

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