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Fifty-Four Forty Or Fight! Episode No. 18 - The Primate Five

  • Fifty-Four Forty or Fight Radio! Episode No. 18 - The Primate Five

    Play List

    The Primate Five - "Dwellin'"
    The Primate Five - "Make You Mine"

    Top 10 NW Rock N' Roll Songs Courtesy of the Primate Five:
    The Statics - "Theme"
    Girl Trouble - "The Skin"
    Young Fresh Fellows - "Gorilla Time"
    The Monomen - "Burning Bush"
    The Wailers - "Mashi"
    The Sonics - "Psycho"
    The Exploding Hearts - "Throwaway Style"
    Beat Happening - "Redhead Walking"
    The Cripples - "Make Up Break Up or Fake It"
    Moral Crux - "Final Hymn"

    Primate Five - Leave My Kitten Alone"
    The Woggles - "Something To Believe In"
    MOTO - "Dick About It"
    Los Diablos Del Sol - "Wild Sound"
    The Rippers - "Into My Trap"
    The Routes - "Do What's Right By You"
    The Boss Martians - "Driftwood Beach"
    The Traditional Fools - "Layback"
    The Black Lips - "Oh Katrina"
    The Final Solutions - "Tammy"

    Explicit 18+

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