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Fifty-Four Forty Or Fight! Episode No. 19 - Girl Trouble

  • Fifty-Four Forty or Fight! Episode No. 19 – Girl Trouble

    Play List

    Girl Trouble - "Cold Shoulder"

    Top 10 NW Rock N’ Roll Songs Courtesy of Bon Von Wheelie of Girl Trouble:
    The Sonics - "Cinderella"
    Jimmy Hanna &/the Dynamics - "Busybody"
    The Fanatics - "Straight Flush"
    Little Bill &/the Blue Notes - "I'm in Love with an Angel"
    Mr. Lucky &/the Gamblers - "Take a Look at Me"
    Tiny Tony &/the Statics - "Hey Mrs. Jones"
    Paul Revere &/the Raiders - "Over You"
    The Wailers - "Mashi"
    The Nocturnals - "Because You're Gone"
    The Viceroys - "Granny's Pad"
    Bonus Song (#11)- The Sonics - "Louie, Louie"

    Girl Trouble - "Put the Blame on Me"
    The Brood - "Too Late for Tears"
    The Music Machine - "The People in Me"
    The Radio Reelers - "That's How Strong My Love Is"
    Acid Baby Jesus - "I'm a Baby"
    People's Temple - "Master's Touch"
    The Okmoniks - "Not That Good"
    The Dead Ghosts - "On Your Own"
    Cumstain - "Sit & Twist"
    The Mystic Eyes - "From Above"

    Explicit 18+

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