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Fifty-Four Forty or Fight! No. 29 - Guest Host Johnny Modern

  • Fifty-Four Forty or Fight Radio! Episode No. 29 Guest host Johnny Modern



    The Gossip - "No No No"
    The Monomen - "Ain't No Friend of Mine"
    HEAD - "I'm Not Like Everybody Else"
    The Makers - "Don't Wanna Go Home"
    Gas Huffer - "Sixty Three Hours"

    The Hard Feelings - "(We Need Another) Vietnam"
    The Oblivians - "Feel Alright"
    Digger &/the Pussy Cats - "10 Car Pile up"
    The Tears - "Miss Queen"
    The Richmond Sluts - "Take You Home"
    The Drags - "Cannible"
    The Lords of Altamont - "Three"
    The Superbees - "(I'm) Loose"
    The Humpers - "Up Yer Heart"
    The Candy Snatchers - "Takin' A Ride"

    Andre Williams - "Lookin' Down at You Lookin' Up at Me"
    Demolition Doll Rods - "Get It On"
    The A-Bones - "She's Gotta Be Boss"
    Roky Erickson - "I Have Always Been Here Before"

    Explicit 18+

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