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Fifty-Four Forty or Fight! Radio Episode No 36

  • Fifty-Four Forty or Fight! Radio Episode No 36

    The Bill Collectors – “Gold Medal”
    The Statics – “No Class”
    The Screamin’ Furys – “She’s Allright”
    Sinister Six – “Die For Me”
    The A-Frames – “Complications”
    The Gloryholes – “Pickled Eggs”

    Fuck Knights – “Kristina!”
    Dalai Lamas – “I Want You”
    Gloo Girls – “Barbie USA”
    The Fink Bombs – “El Cucuy”
    Jimmy Jukebox (Kim Fowley) – “Motorboat”
    The Titans – “Speed Queen Mama”
    The Havenot’s – “Go Away”
    The Raydios – “Are You Ready?”
    Spider Babies – “Get Real Hurt”
    Thee Michelle Gun Elephant – “Vibe On”
    Sick Thoughts – “Can’t Tell Me”

    The Mummies – “I Saw Her In A Mustang”
    The Go-Nuts – “Transfusion”
    The Tee Pees – “You’re A Turd”
    The Inland Emperors – “Hey, Hey Blake Pirtle”
    Mystic Eyes – “I Can’t Wait To Love You”
    The Bristols – “Our Love Will Still Be There”
    The Nomads – “Rat Fink A Boo Boo”
    Davie Allan &/the Arrows – “Encounter”

    Sugar Shack – “Justice”

    Explicit 18+




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  • Mad Marcus
    Mad Marcus thank you very very much for this one !!!!!!!!! this is fantastic old farts stuff, all individiual no teenie weenie new schoolgarage.
    July 3, 2015 - 1 likes this
  • Mark Giddens
    Mark Giddens Thanks, Marcus!!! Glad you dug it...
    July 4, 2015
  • Gus
    Gus Mark, check out
    July 16, 2015