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Earache Radio No 25

  • Earache Radio No 25


    The Chrome Cranks - "Way-out Lover"

    MAD3 - "Astro Commando"

    The Armitage Shanks- "Dutch Cap"

    the Gibson Bros - "White Nigger"

    Rocket From the Crypt - "On the Prowl"

    The Leaving Trains - "Temporal Slut"

    The A-Lines - "Heidi's Head"

    Jeff Dahl - "Suicide City"

    Poison Idea - "Getting the Fear"

    The Kings of Oblivion - "Gotta Love Me"

    The Honeymoon Killers - "Vanna White (Goddess of Love)"

    Pussy Galore - "Happy"

    The Cynics - "Dancing on the Wall"

    The New Bomb Turks - "Trying to Get By"

    Gluecifer - "Get That Psycho Outta My Head"

    Volcano Suns - "Blue Rib"

    Helmet - "Unsung"

    The Lipstick Pickups - "What I Want"

    The Prambath - "I Will Walk My Way"

    The Melvins - "Going Blind"