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  • March 31 - posted by Darren
    100+ Releases on the Trash Wax label, 1000's of records in stock, Cheapest international shipping on the Planet. Cramps, Monsters, Nomads, Phantom Chords, Messer Chups, Sting Rays, C.Kings, Vice Barons, Gun Club, Dead Moon, Marcel Bontempi, Lyres, and much, much more...Compilations, Rare stuff, New...
    • Location USA - Brody and the Grodie [map]
    Hello out there. Do any of ya draw stuff? I'm looking for someone who can create a drawing in the style of a golden age comic book or monster movie poster - hit me up
  • May 23, 2019 - posted by Sheep Dog
    Looking to #DJ some #CarShows in The #Ohio Area with great #Oldies & current #Rockabilly tracks if any one has a lead hit me up. Prices will vary depending on clients needs
  • May 7, 2019 - posted by vikbot
    • Location Boston, MA [map]
    Garage Punk band The Mess Me Ups, needs a drummer to play a couple of gigs in June, go into the studio, and make a the kind you can eat off of, or listen to the songs with a pencil and paper cone.   Songs are on Mess Me Ups facebook page..please imagine a better recording, and if...

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1313 Mockinbird Lane - Have Hearse WIll Travel LP

  • After putting Cacophone Records on hiatus for a bit, Kip and I have decided to get back to doing the thing we love most: putting out cool/fun/interesting/under-appreciated, sound-action rock’n’roll on vinyl. We figured we’d start with a reissue of 1313 Mockingbird Lane’s “Have Hearse Will Travel” album, which we consider to be one of the most criminally overlooked slabs of ‘90s garage punk ever (the 1990 release received very little distribution and zero promotion). On top of that, they were an Albany-based band close to our hearts.

    We’ve decided to use PledgeMusic ( to both help us get the word out and to (hopefully) help with the exorbitant costs of pressing things on vinyl these days. We’ve come up with some ultra-cool rewards, like a super-limited “blood-splatter” vinyl edition, T-shirts, hoodies, even a cassette version — and they all come with a digital download that includes rare & unreleased bonus trax.

    So, as a fellow music fan, we thought we’d let you know about this, in case you were interested. Maybe you’re not, which is totally cool. But, if you are, all you need to do is visit this link:

    You can order items through our PledgeMusic store, just as you would any other online store. The difference is: You’ll be helping us worry less about the costs of this project up front. Our pledge “rewards" are currently in the design and manufacturing stage. We plan to ship them by late January, so you won’t have to wait too long. Oh, and if you support us, you’ll get updates from now thru January that will allow you to follow us through this process, which we think might be kinda interesting too?

    So that’s that. Hope all is well with you?

    Jeff & Kip
    Cacophone Records