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    • March 12, 2014 1:27 PM CDT
    • You can "attach a photo" (and choose file from your computer) when you post a new topic, but you can't do this when posting a REPLY to a topic. This is really lame. Please fix!

    • January 30, 2014 12:22 PM CST
    • I have a big request. We need RSS functionality on this site (especially for the blogs section), and I'm sure there's a plugin out there that we can get to add it. Can we make it so?

      I want to be able to start hosting the GPPR podcasts here, and we can't really host podcasts if we don't have a way for people to subscribe.



    • January 29, 2014 8:15 PM CST
    • This has not yet been fixed yet, either. I was going to attach a screen shot, but it doesn't let you upload an image to a post. Ugh...

    • December 20, 2013 3:16 PM CST
    • The main network "What's Shakin'?" feed still says someone "thanked to a post" when they actually "LIKE" the post. Can we please get that fixed?