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  • Topic: monks' Singer , Guitarist , Gary Burger Succumbs to Cancer.

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    • March 14, 2014 8:33 PM CDT
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      I JUST GOT THE WORD , several hours ago , that Gary Burger from the monks passed away this morning from complications relate to Pancreatic Cancer.

      He was 72 , I believe . I WAS FORTUNATE ENOUGH TO HAVE KNOWN GARY IN THE CAPACITY THAT I DID.....We first met , as did he and many of his fans , at the monks' first reunion performance , and very first US appearance , at The 1999 Cavestomp.  My Editor at Roctober , Jake Austen , was invited to the monks' first social reunion at Gary's home in Bemedji , Minnesota , about three years earlier. I GOT TO KNOW GARY A LITTLE BETTER THROUGH MY CONNECTION TO THE MAGAZINE , And I called him on the phone ever several months , at least.  I'm sure many people knew him better than I did , but , he was always kindly and easy - going , and it was as much fun hearing him talk about the early days as speculate on what the future may hold. After the NYC show , I saw the monks at The Vegas Rockaround Festival in 2004 , and Gary came to Chicago to give  a blowout solo performance , backed by tHE GOBLINS (WHOSE "GOBLIN PRIDE" CD GARY PRODUCED.) , Jake Austen's band . Gary kept busy as a Producer. Not long ago , I introduced him to Bill Bulinski of The Electras (''Action Woman") , who recorded a side project with Burger. Gary also released a split single , a few years back , and he did two performances of "Black Monk Time ", about a year ago ,  with local musicians . HE'S PRESENTLY INCLUDED ON THE FUZZTONES' Tribute "In Fuzz We Trust" performing "Hurt on Hold" with a "black monk time" arrangement.

      I was'nt aware he'd been ill. I just spoke to him a few weeks ago , and a few months before then. He seemed in good spirits , and ,in a reflective mood. Not as if he were trying to tell me his time was almost up without having to say it , but , just as an older man who got to live these fantastic experiences most people could'nt even have made up. He really loved his fans , his friends , his music and his life. It's we who have to let go , now. Way Down.......To Heaven.

      John Battles 3/14/14.

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