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  • Topic: Garage Rock... As seen on ("Scottish") TV

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    • July 21, 2014 10:22 PM CDT
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      The Amazing Snakeheads
      Amphetamine Ballads
      Domino Records

      The Amazing Snakeheads Amphetamine Ballads are all that is wrong and right about the commercialization garage and rock-a-billy, 'You aint gonna turn it off because it's better than the radio, you didn't download the latest podcast, and you kind of like it." Firmly on the side of Nick Cave's Grinderman, but parrying the spirit of Lux, Jim Heath, and even a little Tav Falco (to get the southern boys on board) in places. The A' Snakeheads got the rock star looks and Euro pedigree that Domino Records love in their bands (sans the Archie Bronson Outfit). With that comes the slick thump on the propulsive, reverb drenched tracks like "I'm a Vampire", and "Flatlining". The Vimeo ready tunes like 'Where is my Knife" just begs for a black and white video with tatooed girls behaving badly. Interspersed with the three piece making the rest of us look plain and themselves sounding sweet if not growly.

      To be fair/ foewwarned it veers a little too far down Arctic Monkey Lane at times and none more so than "Memories" and the stream of concious "Heading for a Heartbreak" that will leave you screaming for Winger. At times you almost begin to wonder why you kept listening and make you wonder, "if this isn't my cup of tea why am I listening?" Still you may not turn it off... 

      Still we need to provide more gateway drugs, more informercials to get us back/ lure others to the Cramps, Rockabilly, and southern sounds of the Panther Burns. The White Stripes are gone, bands like Ex-Cult only happen once in a blue moon, and we have the internet. So, please allow me to introduce The Amazing Snakeheads...


      Rinjo Njori

      To be Continued with The Nots First two 7"s

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