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  • Topic: Phil May (Pretty Things) in Hospital. Send Letters of Support.

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    • October 29, 2014 1:14 AM CDT
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      Phil May

      As I noted earlier , Phil May from The Pretty Things has been hospitalized with severe breathing difficulty. He's been diagnosed with COPD , a serious disease of the lungs. 

      Mike Stax , at Ugly Things , has stated that he believes a recovery is very possible , but ,  what Phil needs , now , is words of encouragement from his fans. REAL words , on paper , as Phil is not a computer person. Stax especially asks anyone who's kicked the bottle or drugs or cigarettes to share their experiences with May , as he needs to be reminded that he's better and BADDER than any of those things. I'm not , and Mike is'nt , implying that Phil has issues with all three.

      Pretty Things fans , and God knows there must be MANY on The Hideout , are implored to write to Phil May and tell him what his music has meant to you , and that his work is not over , that , in Mike's words , he needs to turn himself back over to art and music.

      Letters will be sent , sealed , to May's home in London.

      Write to :

      Phil May

      c/o Ugly Things

      PO Box 3021

      La Mesa , California 




      more info :

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