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  • Topic: Tax Free Record Labels?

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    • April 5, 2017 2:50 AM CDT
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      Tax Free Record Labels?

      One type of law is the "necessity law,"

      an on the books concension over that which democratic republics during their evolution, because of fascism, or even because of libertarian individual foolishness, have promoted to be essential to public wellbeing. A Communist sentiment of For the greater social good.

      Necessity laws invade free will,

      are advertised to promote and enable freedom as their only intended purpose.

      Drug laws, and laws which out of paranoia invade the rights of Muslims and other kinds of dissidents. 

      Tax dollars may fund necessity law institutions and laws, such as Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Acts which permit the arrest of nearly any kind of Muslim, and the DEA. I wouldn't want to fund the arrest,

      in proposing solutions: telepathic economy which exchanges dollar for dollar taxed income over to a 1/10th tithed to the Jihading Sufi / Buddhist global system. 1/10th of the income scientific method alloted to most effective attempted utopian military evolution, all property switched over to an anarchist underground economy.

      An anarchist slack economy may also be proposed, wherein no % of income is dedicated to anything other than the discretion of the individuals consenting to dollar for dollar tax free exchange, and bartering. And social attempts to induce global slack from disciplined evolving.

      For bands that cannot use other kinds of economic systems, promotional advice, including on art patronage resources? Stories of having lived as such bands legally?

    • April 5, 2017 11:13 AM CDT
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      Untitled title

      music can also be given away for free,

      to circumvent taxes.

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