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  • Topic: Køpper's SHOCK THERAPY!

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    • February 17, 2018 8:16 PM CST
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      Køpper's SHOCK THERAPY!

      Greetin's, cretins!

      I don't think I've ever posted here about my latest and greatest (ha!) podcast, Shock Therapy, on the Radio Mutation garage-punk-rocknroll podcast network (formerly known as GaragePunk Pirate Radio). You can SUBSCRIBE to the show feed via RSS with this link, and you can find all previous episodes right here. And Episode #5, the most recent, can be found here:


      Chrome Reverse – Sinner Not a Saint
      Os Courettes – Boom! Dynamite!
      Tommy and the Rockets – Rock ’n Roll Wrecking Machine
      Leadfoot Tea – Coronet Hemi
      Mary’s Kids – Time Has Come
      Shitstorm – EVIL

      Suburban Homes – Cul-De-Sac
      Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers – Pinetree Boogie
      Rick Shaffer – Necessary Illusion
      The Hunches – Watcha Gonna Do
      Pony Time – Put You There
      Bummers Eve – I Want Your Drugs
      The Loons – Blue Ether
      bAd bAd – Dead Ends

      The Venus Flytraps – X-Ray Eyes
      Life Stinks – Strange Prison
      Foster Care – Solo Tryst
      Spray Paint – Heavy Loiter
      Black Panties – Piece of Shit
      Shark Toys – City Lights

      The Wildebeests – Heart of Lead
      Shady and the Vamp – My Baby Can’t Take It

      I'll have another episode soon! Stay sick.


      "Go read a book and flunk a test." -Iggy

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