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  • Topic: Share your garage punk radio shows, podcasts, and playlists

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    • December 22, 2022 3:24 PM CST
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      Share your garage punk radio shows, podcasts, and playlists

      Hey everyone. It's almost 2023! Let's share the podcasts, playlists, and radio shows we're all following to keep track of garage punk these days!

      Here's five I keep tabs on:

      - Jeff of the Future on WITR every Saturday -

      - Scott and "Stronger than Dirt" every Saturday night on KOOP (Austin) - 

      - Mottey's Garage - check your podcast app for Dave's amazing show or stream it live at

      - cipci on Mixcloud makes the "banatfever" playlist which has a ton of underground music, which is often (though not always) garage punk -

      - Carolyn Kennedy on KXSF every Wednesday -

      Looking forward to hearing others!

    • December 24, 2022 4:57 AM CST
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      Untitled title



    • December 18, 2023 12:55 PM CST
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      Mister Stick's UFO Show

      Weirdoes Of The World Unite!

      I'll be oh-so-honored to find that any of the folks in this particular compartment should give some ear time to my Mixcloud series, The UFO Show, where we serve up the Unkknown, Forgotten, and Obscure:

      "What the hell kind of show is this, anyway?"

      Well, garage, psych, and more, I s'ppose. And in the modus of a hosted radio show. It ain't just a playlist, but a deluxe platter, with fries and a pickle.

      Look, imagine one of those Venn diagrams, right? Now the center circle is 60s garage, setting aside the 'big winners' of the Nuggets Universe. Anything that I think connects to that middle ring, or that connects to the connection is eligible for inclusion, as long as I'm not hearing it on the Little Steven channel. So, I'm grabbing from Back From The Grave, Pebbles, and comps of more recent like-minded rock and roll, then attaching whatever I can argue into sitting next to that. So, some left-behind soul, fringed Americana, maybe-its-kinda-prog-I-don't-know, second-tier punk... Like that. Nobody has tried to overthrow me yet.

      Everything is from my own stash... No ripping off YouTube or those creeps at Spotify.

      New shows posted every Saturday night at 1900 hours Eastern US time. Seasons last 13 or 14 shows, and then there's a equivalent break so's you can catch up. Right now, middle of season dos.

      Got it? Damn good of you.

      Grateful and then some,


      UFO show simple reverse for screen.png (67.42 Kb)

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