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L'Assassins - The Movie: Part One - Kill! Kill! Kill!

Posted by Billy Callen
EP Soundtrack AVAILABLE NOW! Download at (click on the MUSIC tab) Watch Part 2 Now! Writer - Director - Editor Tyler Jensen Producer Sasha Landskov Camera Sastack Landertigue Assistant to Mx. Landertigue Jack McTigue / Jake Ryan / Miranda Taylor Main Title Animation Justin Meredith Typography Seth Rieder Steward of Sexy Sasha Landskov Narrator Matthew Sandvik Sound Mix Jeff Curtin Score Leo Torres Hair Soraya Dee makeup Carolyn Murphy / Sandy Xiong SFX Jeremy Blankenship / Britty Ukestad Cast David Hanbury / Tawnya "Sweetpea" Konobeck Foxy Tann / Kitten Van Der Snatch Sniffers Row Bill Butler / Noah Faraday / Drew Running / Troy Schaefer Dancers Nadi A'marena / Queenie von Curves / Mandy Kaczmarek Patrons Shannon Blowtorch / Adam 'Captain Cool' Boatright Jeff Bockenhauer / Cocoapuff Crunch "O" Licious Bronson Enriquez / Patricia Good / jim Gorbunow Dom Hess / Peter Hogan / Chey Kumara / Dan Lansing Ryan Medeiros / Yuya Negishi / Jael O'Hare / Jeff Roemhildt Danny Sigelman / Jessica Stulc / Aaron Young Special Thanks Kate Arrford / Josh "The Meat Beast” Caviness / Laura Whitney Club Underground / Cinequipt / EMI Rental The Coffee Shop Nordeast / Rewind Vintage Shanon Blowtorch Soundtrack EP "Kill! Kill! Kill! Bang! Bang! Bang!" Recorded, Mixed,and Mastered by: MIKE WISTI, ALBATROSS STUDIES, MINNEAPOLIS, MN
Posted November 11, 2014
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