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  • a few Marshmallow Overcoat 6-CD box sets left for sale!

    We have a few autographed, limited edition 6-CD Marshmallow Overcoat "Complete Sound" box sets left for sale.  The sets are autographed by my bandmates Debra Dickey-Harms (keys), Dan Magee (bass), Chad White (guitar), Matt Rendon (drums and various) and Al Perry (guitar). (I also autograph them, lol...
  • Marshmallow Overcoat box set in 2011 Top Ten

    Thanks to primo garage-psych journalist Beverly (Pepper) Patterson, the new Marshmallow Overcoat "Complete Sound" box set is in the top 10 issues of 2011, along with the Kinks, Left Banke and Strawberry Alarm Clock! Thank you again, Beverly! :)