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Recent Entries

  • Long break for TheRaws

    TheRaws now having a long long break.Fanks for everyone who has involed our out of tuned,hungry stupid rock n roll all over from Turkey,Germany(yoAyhan!,SqoodgeRec),Holland,Spain,Croatia,Greece and more... TheRaws love you! Ps:Our two more singles will be online quite soon,as soon as we get them fro...
  • beach mo ka ko is coming out from Perpetrator Records

    our latest record is finally coming out from perpetrator records very soon,get ready all your pennies cocksuckers!      
  • 2new songs from upcoming the raws 7inch

    just uploaded 2 new songs from our upcoming 7inch,one of them is a cover from legendary 60s turkish garage/pysch caveman,ErkinKoray-sana bir seyler olmus!salute!
  • wanna listen budget turkish trash?then book us for this september!

    seems we are going to be in barcelona around september18th,and if you guys wanna listen budget turkish trash,please get in touch with us!(between september 18th to first week of october!) we are cheap,we eat everything and we drink blood! the raws from istanbul
  • download link

    you can download our debut "lets have a bondage blues from: support your local trash labels!
  • ox fanzine germany

    "Wylde, wylde, wylde!!! Oh my gosh, those damn RAWS, who claim for themselves to be "Istanbul's first and only true garage punk band ever" just beat the shit out of you! Anyone who would be afraid, that those three cool Osmans would bother you with some fucked-up oriental flute bullshit - no go. The...
  • lets have a bondage blues from squoodge records!

    hey there all monsters and monsterets, from 17th of october you can order our great great debut 7'inch from www. squoodge. de its wild! its sarcastic! its trash! its cheap!!! and yes my friend the raws is the fisrt garagetrash band from turkey! get ready your euros and do the bondage blues!!!...