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  • The Mummies! AW yeah!

    I made a 24 hour trip to San Francisco this last weekend (October 24th, 2009) just to see the Mummies play what may be their last US show (they actually played twice that night but that second show at Thee Parkside was packed of people who couldn't get into the show at Bottom of the Hill, so packed ...
  • The Beat Killers

    A friend of mine on myspace came up to Washington recently filling in on bass for the Ghastley Ones (who were on a great bill along with Satan's Pilgrims. Both quite good) and gave me a copy of a CD for a band he normally plays with. Called the Beat Killers, they have a bit of that late 70s LA punk ...
  • The Woolly Bandits

    I don't get on here enough but seeing this group just reminded me of how much more I should log on. First of all, they were fantastic. Very energetic with a lot of showmanship, which a lot of bands are missing these days. If you are on myspace, you should definetly add them. If they are on garagepun...
  • The Love Me Nots

    Saw this group from Phoenix last night for the first time as they ventured through Seattle. I was FLOORED. Great songs AND the band looked GREAT! I don't know what more I can say about this group. They are just fantastic. Of course, many of you probably know that. Go see 'em again.