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  • The Trip! Oct. 6th 2013 Show!

    Posted October 9, 2013 by The Trip! 99.1 FM Windsor/ Detroit


  • CIUT Radio Playlist for Tuesday Oct.7 2013

    Posted October 8, 2013 by Daibhid James

    With Guests The Howling Bullets; (artist/song/album/label/Cancon);   1. The Vogues  ~  5 O'Clock World  ~  The Super Box Of Rock (comp)  ~  Dominion   2. The Howling Bullets  ~  The Djinn  ~  Ghoul Country  ~  s/r  ~ &nb...


    Posted October 7, 2013 by Shiny Beast

    NEW IN STOCK - 2013.40     VARIOUS - IT'S A MONSTER BASH PARTY, VOL. 1 '20 Creepy 50's-60's Halloween Smashers!' COOL cover art by Canadian comic artist Darren Merinuk and also a LARGE poster inside done by the same madman!! Back is full colour with pictures of bands and labels. ...

  • New Mix: "Halloween Is For Monsters"

    Posted October 5, 2013 by Audio Gasoline

    Everyone's favorite holiday is here! Our gang of greaser ghouls with lo-fi lobotomies are firing-up their haunted hot rods in the graveyard of garage rock, slashing through the voodoo surf and bustin' punk'uns to tiny shreds of pulp. Come for the fuzz, stay for the reverb. The party ain't over 'til ...

  • Bubblegum Fuzz #26!

    Posted October 4, 2013 by Rev. Norb

    Pat Fear rules! That is all.     DIRTBOMBS - Sugar On Top // WHITE FLAG - Suicide King // WHITE FLAG - He's A Whore // WHITE FLAG - Instant Breakfast // WHITE FLAG - Face Down // SODA FRAISE - Ca Baine Dans L'Huile // LA FLINGUE - Hass Hass Hass // POPPETS - Break My Bones // TOYOTAS ...

  • The Trip! Sept. 28th Show!

    Posted October 4, 2013 by The Trip! 99.1 FM Windsor/ Detroit

    Listen here:   The Setlist!    ronnie & the rainbows- loose endsluchi- screwdriverennio morricone- dies irae psichedelico101 strings (astro sounds)- flameoutmel torme- comin' home babythe sunday group...

  • Extracting Audio From Pictures

    Posted October 3, 2013 by Audio Gasoline

    The amazing story of how a few audiophile scientists resurrected lost recordings from photographs of the extinct records. (Hint: remember how the shape of the sound groove mimics the actual sound wave...?) &n...

  • New In Stock at Shiny Beast!

    Posted October 2, 2013 by Shiny Beast

    NEW IN STOCK - 2013.39     BROWN BROGUES - TRIFLIN' Limited white vinyl. Double trouble garage rock twosome Brown Brogues are back with their new album Triflin alongside a truck load of tour dates and live in-store sessions. It would seem that the boys are all grown up, having mo...

  • CIUT Radio Playlist for Tuesday Oct.1 2013

    Posted October 1, 2013 by Daibhid James

    Playlist For Tuesday Oct.1 2013; (artist/song/album/label/Cancon);   1. Tom Petty & Heartbreakers  ~  Breakdown  ~  Box Set  ~  MCA   2. Bobby Bare, Buck Owens & Jeff Tweedy  ~  Take This Job And Shove It  ~  Johnny Paycheck Tribut...

  • New Songs Uploaded

    Posted October 1, 2013 by The Hypnotics

    We’ve just re-uploaded some songs to our profile from our album Static Fuzz Radio for the new GaragePunk Hideout site.    You can hear our full album and buy it on vinyl or digital download at:

  • Thee Detroit Rebellion

    Posted October 1, 2013 by Glenn Peart

    Tune in to the Thee Detroit Rebellion show tonight to hear all the latest and greatest '60's garage punk around. Always featuring the latest underground '60's garage punk from Bandcamp and Soundcloud so you can always hear the newest stuff. Plenty of your ol' favorite retro and '60's garage punk ban...

  • Great Explanations: Northern Soul

    Posted September 30, 2013 by Audio Gasoline

    The BBC2 television station in England recently aired this short documentary-style story about the Northern Soul craze in that country during the mid 1970s. One of the best explanations I've seen about the scene, told by people who were there when it happened. Guaranteed to be the best half-hour his...

  • Rock & Roll Rampage #210

    Posted September 29, 2013 by The Rock & Roll Rampage Radio Show

    #210 ' Dutch Garage'       1.The Scorpions-(Ain't That) Just Like Me-1964-CNR 2.The Phantoms-Roadrunner-1966-Dureco 3.Q65-I got nightmares-1966-Decca 4.Outsiders-You Mistreat Me-1965-Muziek Expres  5.The Fab -Our Little Rendez-Vous-1967-Kythera  6.The Riats-Run...

  • Two NEW Videos from Dahga Bloom upcoming release 'No Curtains'

    Posted September 28, 2013 by Popa Tunes

    Lucas Drake-Vocals, Synth, Producer. Zach Nelson-Bass, Violin, Baritone Guitar. Matt Mason-Bass, Guitar, Whale Sounds Manny Lopez-Bass, Synth, Engineer. Sean Yakubovsky-Drums, Clippers. Buckle your seatbelts, these guys are plugged in and out of control. Watch two new video's 'Supa' and 'Ado...

  • BIG ENCHILADA 64: Chompin' at the Stomp

    Posted September 27, 2013 by swt

            We goin' to New Orleans! Next week I'll be attending the 2013 Ponderosa Stomp, billed as a celebration of the unsung heroes of American music. This year's headliners include The Standells, The Sonics, Swamp Dogg, Ty Wagner and other under-appreciated R&B, rockabi...

  • Mottey's GaragePunk 26 Just Play

    Posted September 27, 2013 by Mottey's Garage

        Getting back after a little computer spilling a beer on my  just play this damn thing.   Wedding Present Its Not Unusual BizarroThe Clash I'm so Bored with The USA Sound SystemBilly Karloff Back Street BillyBlack Joe Lewis Young Girls Electric Sl...

  • The Mal Thursday Show #53: Mass Pike Memory Lane

    Posted September 25, 2013 by Mal Thursday

      Mal Thursday takes a trip in time and space to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for "Mass Pike Memory Lane," an episode featuring 30+ Bay State bands from the past 50 years. Dedicated to the Rodney Sinclair Defense Fund, raising money for a case where a man finds himself in the crosshairs...

  • CIUT Radio Playlist for Tuesday Sept. 24 2013

    Posted September 24, 2013 by Daibhid James

    Tributes to Joe Kelly of The Shadows Of Knight, Jackie Lomax of The Undertakers, Mac Curtis and Marvin Rainwater; (artist/song/album/label/Cancon);   1. Marvin Rainwater  ~  Hot And Cold  ~  Whole Lotta Woman  ~  Bear Family   2. Marvin Rainwater  ~&...

  • The Trip! Sept. 22nd Show!

    Posted September 24, 2013 by The Trip! 99.1 FM Windsor/ Detroit


  • New Additions: Classic Rockabilly And More!

    Posted September 23, 2013 by Audio Gasoline

    The summer crate-digging trips were amazing this year, and we're stoked to finally start spreading out our new treasures. These stacks of wax are chokin' our racks and gotta get passed out fast! Lots of unbelievable acquisitions are comin' your way as we pound these keyboards to get it all uploaded....


    Posted September 22, 2013 by Scotsman's NO TOP 100 Radio Show

    BRAND NEW SHOW @ SCOTSMAN'S NO TOP 100 RADIO "Me(m)phisto-A-Go-Go" Memphis-Based Garage Special !!! !!!Ev'ry Month 60 Min. Full Of Hotties


    Posted September 22, 2013 by Scotsman's NO TOP 100 Radio Show

    BRAND NEW SHOW @ SCOTSMAN'S NO TOP 100 RADIO !!! !!!Ev'ry Month 60 Min. Full Of Hotties

  • Underground rock in Thailand

    Posted September 22, 2013 by Plastic Section

    Back on the Hideout! I had a blog about the underground music scene in Bangkok with a previous acount here but it seems to be lost (along with my acount, because I used a hotmail email address..). So anyway, I'll start again with a list of some of the best underground bands in Thailand currently pla...

  • The iPod Visualized As Vinyl Records

    Posted September 20, 2013 by Audio Gasoline

      A 160GB iPod Classic holds 40,000 songs and weighs a third of a pound. That's roughly the same as a large adult hamster. If you bought all those songs on vinyl, your music collection would look like this…     3,180 albums Stacked together, they'd weigh 1,400 pounds...

  • The House of Wild Delights # 34

    Posted September 19, 2013 by The Screamin' Soul Preacher

    The House of Wild Delights #34     An episode about how I've spent this summer... Expect some massive dose of lysergic hallucinations and wicked hoodoo charms, deep loneliness and murky depression, creepy creatures crawling in my spinning head, suffocating jungles and burning dese...

  • Thee Detroit Rebellion

    Posted September 17, 2013 by Glenn Peart

    Come on and join in the 60's garage punk fun only one hour from now because it's Thee Detroit Rebellion show. Brand new releases tonight from The Skirts, Cum Stain, The Naysayers, Army of infants and all the way from the Ukraine, The Bezzoommies. Also some interesting info on 60's bands The Syndicat...

  • CIUT Radio Playlist For Tuesday Sept.17 2013

    Posted September 17, 2013 by Daibhid James

    (artist/song/album/label/Cancon);   1. Pere Ubu  ~  Heart Of Darkness  ~  Box Set  ~  Geffen   2. Pere Ubu  ~  Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo  ~  Terminal Tower  ~  Rough Trade   3. Pere Ubu  ~  Final Solution ...

  • The Trip! Sept. 15th Show!

    Posted September 17, 2013 by The Trip! 99.1 FM Windsor/ Detroit

    Listen here! setlist!   gert wilden- rolf torringhenri rene & his orchestra- hansel & pretzelthe reflections- daydreamerthe shadows of knight- three for lovescreaming tribesman- left in the darkrock n' ...

  • CIUT Radio Playlist For Tuesday Sept.10 2013

    Posted September 10, 2013 by Daibhid James

    Back To School! (artist/song/album/label/Cancon);   1. Otis Redding  ~  Stay In School  ~  Box Set  ~  Rhino   2. Chuck Berry  ~  School Day  ~  Box Set  ~  Chess   3. The Alley Dukes  ~  Go Back To College&n...

  • GEEK MAGGOT BINGO moving pictures

    Posted September 9, 2013 by Geek Maggot Bingo

    Back on the 10th August, GEEK MAGGOT BINGO played at The Franklin Rock ‘n’ Roll Club and on the 17th August they played an instore gig at Elvis Shakespeare Books And Records. You can experience a little taste by getting drunk, turning up the volume, jumping round your living room and wat...

  • Trashwomen

    Posted September 7, 2013 by MIKE 66

    From one of my Tumblr posts: FLYER #1: Since we are going to see the Trashwomen today, I thought I would post this cool flyer from 1995. A simple yet effective flyer executed by McKinley Richard of Jackknife. In fact, i have lots of great flyers and graphics work by McKinley that I think i w...

  • NEW Video and Single from The End Men 'Work'

    Posted September 3, 2013 by Popa Tunes

    Matthew Hendershot - vox, guitar, bass, other Livia Ranalli - drums, percussions, toys, vox, other   As The End Men ready for their second European Tour, on this Labor Day they have dropped a new single and a video titled 'Work' a dark commentary on the state of corporate greed permea...


    Posted September 3, 2013 by Shiny Beast

    NEW ARRIVALS - 2013.35     BLUE AND THE GREY - DON'T SEND ME NO FLOWERS/WINE WINE WINE A 7-inch vinyl single with download card. Southern members of the Zay-Dee studio band and a Northern Arkansas college student pulled together to form The Blue And The Gray. This Archive Series ...

  • Thee Detroit Rebellion

    Posted September 3, 2013 by Glenn Peart

    Listen in later at 7:00PM (Mountain Time U.S.), September 3rd for another rendition of Thee Detroit Rebellion show. Tonight's show will give attention to the 60's bands, the Bad Seeds, Zakary Thaks, the Bucaneer's, the Banshees, the Bojax, Teddy & His Patches, the Premiers, and also the Monks. Also ...

  • BIG ENCHILADA 63: Shout When the Spirit Says Shout

    Posted August 31, 2013 by swt

        Let the spirit of crazy rock 'n' roll move your soul. Enjoy two high-voltage sets of rock, soul and psychobilly, then free your soul with a final explosion of primal gospel sounds. Hallelujah!  | SUBSCRIBE| FACEBOOK |  SUBSCRIBE TO ALL GARAGEPUNK P...

  • The Trip! Aug. 25th Show!!

    Posted August 29, 2013 by The Trip! 99.1 FM Windsor/ Detroit

    The Trip!  Aug. 25th show!  Listen here!!!! : setlist!   JOHN LEE HOOKER - MONEY J.C. DAVIS - MONKEY NAPPY BROWN - COAL MINER LAVERN BAKER - PIG...

  • New Mix: "Baby's Comin' Home"

    Posted August 28, 2013 by Audio Gasoline

    Just posted a new mix at 8Tracks: After two and a half weeks on the road, baby’s finally coming home! This mix is for my wife (and anybody else who wants to get lovey-dovey for a bit). I love you lots and can’t wait to see you! Click through to play:

  • Mottey's GaragePunk 25 - Mottey in Black

    Posted August 28, 2013 by Mottey's Garage

      Mottey in Black Bloodshot Bill Hanging Me TonightThe Crusuaders She's my Oblivians Loved Killed My rainTim Armstrong dance dance danceBBQ out ofTimeDMZ Ball Me outpagans angelaThee Mighty Fevers I'm a ZombieDexter Romweber 15,000 LivesThem Go On Home Baby Reverend Beat Man Oh LordBrimston...

  • All Sensory Void - Psychedelic Syd and the Recklessly Abandoned

    Posted August 28, 2013 by Popa Tunes

    All Sensory Void is the solo project of The Nico Blues member Eric Goldberg, following up on the February release of the psychedelic punk album, Relax Man...You're Actually Just Energy Condensed to a Slow Vibration, Eric is set to launch his new album ‘Psychedelic Syd and the Recklessly Ab...

  • Lorelle Meets The Obsolete - Corruptible Faces

    Posted August 28, 2013 by Popa Tunes

      Photo by Isaac Uribe Members: Lorelle: vocals, electric guitar & electric bass. The Obsolete: drums & percussion, electric bass, vocals, casiotone, electric & acoustic guitars, drone, and knob tweaking   The Guadalajara psych duo just released a new single, ‘What&...

  • Blue & Gold - Debut EP

    Posted August 28, 2013 by Popa Tunes

    Chloe Raynes - Guitar, Vocals GG Gonzalez - Drums Alex Kapelman - Guitar, Vocals   From the bastion of bad assery Rock & Roll, Brookly NY.  Blue & Gold wrangle righteous riffs , bodacious bass slappery and indomitable drum beats while Chloe sizzles on vocals with Alex contribut...

  • Download The Black Angels Live from San Francisco

    Posted August 28, 2013 by Popa Tunes

    Stephanie Bailey - drums & percussion Christian Bland - guitar, drone machine/organ Kyle Hunt - keyboards, percussion, bass, guitar  Alex Maas - vocals   Austin psych rockers The Black Angels have steadily delivered some of the most aggressive and innovative music of the past decade...

  • CIUT Radio Playlist For Tuesday Aug.21 2013

    Posted August 27, 2013 by Daibhid James

    (artist/song/album/label/Cancon);   1. Blue Oyster Cult  ~  Don't Fear The Reaper  ~  Agents Of Fortune  ~  CBS   2. FM  ~  Starless  ~  Lost In Space  ~  Cut Throat  ~  cc   3. Patti Smith  ~  Hey J...

  • Studio Stuff Stunts

    Posted August 27, 2013 by Zorch Productions

    At last... material for the upcoming vinyl is nailed down. Solid foundation of freaky fuzz frenzy. Toto y Los Retardos Psychodelico's debut! Soon on a vinylplatter near your recordplayer! 1.Big Mistake 2. Baby's Gone 3. Hallucination Generation

  • Geek Maggot Bingo news August 2013

    Posted August 25, 2013 by Geek Maggot Bingo

    The new Geek Maggot Bingo lineup are very nearly ready to release some recordings for your listening pleasure!And some live footage from a recent gig is coming your way soon. We realise how excited you must be but have patience!Until then why not check out this little ditty recorded live with ...


    Posted August 23, 2013 by Gringo Starr

    SONIC NIGHTMARES #60 With your hosts: Gringo Starr & Reverend Beat-Man, Brother Panti-Christ & El Tiki     We've dusted off the cobwebs of the Sonic Nightmares super deluxe podcasting machine to finally bring you episode 60! Gringo Starr hosts 60 minutes of old and new garage punk cl...

  • Hopscotch Day Party, Catalog Sale, Carton/Alpha Cop Split

    Posted August 23, 2013 by Chris DeFusco

    It has been a busy summer here at Negative Fun HQ. We released the Wormburner – Today Might Be Our Day single back in July, last week brought the release of the anxiously awaited Carton/Alpha Cop split 7”; the first installment of our “Home and Home Series”, and this week we ...

  • "This Charming Charlie": Morrissey vs Charlie Brown

    Posted August 23, 2013 by Audio Gasoline

    Admittedly, I'm not the biggest Morrissey fan in the world, but this is a clever mash-up: lyrics from The Smiths and Morrissey's solo material interjected upon the introspective world of Charlie Brown. The mutual self-debasement is eerily comforting. See the whole collection at http://thischarm...