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    • May 5, 2019 9:58 AM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist May 3/2019


      1. The Hydes….Bad Nite….from the recent Self Preservation Instinct Zero on Rumble Skunk Records out of Greece. Greek combo and the singer reminds me of The Saints’ Chris Bailey.
      2. Pat Todd and the Rank Outsiders….You Made A Hit…from the recent You’re Dead release on Beluga Records out of Sweden.
      3. Lowdown Dirty Mojos…..Lifers….from the recent Screamin’ Hoodoo R’n’B release and they were in town on Friday at the Richmond.
      4. Lowdown Dirty Mojos… The Princes of Pot…as above. This song is about Marc Emery, long time pro pot activist who used to own City Lights Book Store here in London.
      5. The Sinners….No Brains Required…from a 7” and singer/guitarist Paul Wootton is now in the Lowdown Dirty Mojos.
      6. Boy From Nowhere…Wild In The Streets…live recording from 11/26/2016 and recorded by CHRW’s John Gardi, Sundays at midnight. Boy were opening for Lowdown Dirty Mojos on Friday.
      7. DOA….America The Beautiful…from the recent 1978 release of demos/live/singles on Sudden Death.
      8. Danko Jones….Instrumental…from the Garage Rock release and Danko is at London Music Hall on Thursday.
      9. Sylvain Sylvain….14th Street Beat….from his 1980 self titled release. We just heard that Sylvain is another with cancer and there is a go fund me page set up. Sylvain came to Call The Office at least twice, both times were great rockin’ shows!
      10. Rough Trade…Baptism Of Fire….live recording from the Spoke and Rim at Western University, circa 1980. Carole was in town yesterday as part of London Music Week and we got to meet her.
      11. Rough Trade….Take Me….from the Umbrella Direct To Disc release from 1977 and easily my fave Rough Trade release.
      12. Suffer Machine….Footsteps…from the CHRW Underground compilation from 1986 and features Lisa Patterson on sax, who was in town yesterday as part of London Music Week. Right around this time, Richard Beland called in to talk about his appearance that happened on Saturday as part of London Music Week. Richard is a long time photographer of the music scene and still does it to this day. Richard got his start here in London, first paying gig was The Legend Killers, a band that was on What Wave Records. We had no idea about this connection!
      13. Suffer Machine…No Faith In The Law….from their Deprogram release and as above.
      14. Dashboard Rattle….Sunday Afternoon….from their recent self titled release and they were at the London Music Club Friday as part of London Music Week.
      15. Twin Fin….Won’t Let You Go….from their Whiskey Wine and Venom Love and were also at the London Music Club on Friday as part of London Music Week.
      16. Tav Falco….Whistle Blower Blues….from the brand new Tribute To Sonny Vincent release and all proceeds go to helping Sonny and his family pay their Tremendous health care bills from the fire that hit them about 2 years ago. There’s a link on the Radio WW FB page on how to get this amazing 3 CD release.
      17. B Girls….Mystery….. as above.
      18. Bad Beats…What You’re Trying To Say….from the recent Off The Hook release on Sound Flat Records and these guys are from Vancouver.
      19. Brad Marino…..Broken Clocks….from his recent Extra Credit release and available on Beluga and Rum Bar Records.
      20. Steve Blimkie….On The Edge….from his self titled debut on Ready Records from about 1980 and on the back are many London Ontario references.
      21. Cherry Vanilla….The Punk….from her 1978 Bad Girl release. For all those wanna be punks!
      22. The Rizdales….One More Beer….from their recent Lucky Enough release and Tom and Tara are hosting the London Music Awards happening tonight at the London Music Hall.
      23. Frank Ridsdale….The Frog…from his Mod World Old World release and the Rizdales borrowed Frank’s last name for their band name as a tribute to Frank and all he  has done for the London music scene.
      24. Sci-Phonics….Apache….mid 80’s demo featuring Frank Ridsdale on vocals and guitar legend Jerry Fletcher.
      25. Johnnie Allan…Promised Land….1971 recording from the Ace compilation Another Saturday Night. Frank was inspired by New Orleans music and Chuck Berry, hence the inclusion of this song.
      26. Al Green…You Say It….from the Raw! Rare! And Unreleased! Release from 1990.
      27. Booker T and the MG’s…..Time Is Tight…from a Rhino Instrumental release and the perfect way to end the show.


      Big Thanx to Richard Beland for taking the time to yammer on the phone and we had no idea about the Legend Killers connection!

      Back again next week and Thanx to all that came out for London Music Week!!! So much overlooked talent in this city!

    • April 20, 2019 4:23 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist April19/2019


      1. The Heck….I Won’t Change….from the brand new Who? release on Dirty Water Records. This is a Dutch combo.
      2. Brother Leeds….Canadian Girl….local combo who are about to release an EP. Vets from the local scene with a new band.
      3. The Molice….Hello Hello….from their The Gate release and they will be playing at the Ebar in Guelph on Thursday. First and only Canadian show for this Japanese trio and put on by former CHRWer Adam Parrish.
      4. Drivin’ Beats….Everyday Girl…brand new song these US East coasters sent us this week.
      5. Andy Butler….Gonna Be Your Man….from his latest release, Garage Heartbreak.
      6. Soul Motivators….Free To Believe….from their release of the same name and they were in town last night.
      7. Rough Trade….Butch….from the Direct To Disc release and singer Carole Pope is coming to London on May 4th as part of the Soundcheck For Success event happening at London Music Hall. This event is part of London’s Music week which starts Friday with a live to air from the London Music Hall Of Fame. We’ll be yammering all about Music Week on next week’s Radio WW.
      8. Lowdown Dirty Mojos…Gunna Prey….from their brand new Screamin’ Hoodoo R’n’B and they are coming to the Richmond on Friday May 3rd.
      9. Bloodshot Bill….Stumble….from his latest full length, Come Get Your Love Right Now.
      10. Neko Case….Bowling Green….from The Virginian release and Neko is at London Music Hall on Sunday.
      11. Shannon and the Clams….Sleep Talk….from the release of the same name and Shannon Shaw is doing support for the Neko Case tour. She’s not with The Clams and it may be a country type of thing.
      12. Andre Bisson….How Many Times….from his latest release, Break. Caught Andre with a full horn section at London Music Club a couple of weeks back and it was a great show!
      13. Twitch….Rock’n’Roll Moment….from their 1979 Twitch and Shout release. Lead singer/guitarist Garwood Wallace was in the London Music Hall Of Fame a couple weeks back.
      14. Randall Pee Coltrane…Let Your Freak Flag Fly…from the Atomic Love Burrito release. Right before playing this one, Randall Pee Coltrane  phoned in to talk about Really Good Friday which was happening right as we were talking. Randall is a major behind the scenes motivator at this yearly fundraising event! We’re gonna get Randall and band into the studio here at Radio WW one of these days!
      15. Randall Pee Coltrane and the Hard Livers…..Fort Likkerdale….from the release of the same name.
      16. Randall and the Rivieras….Heartbreak and Sorrow…from their self titled release.
      17. UIC….Crop Dustin’….from the re-ish of the Our Garage release and this one is all about driving under the influence through farm fields and whatever else gets in the way!
      18. Boy From Nowhere… Southward Bound….recorded by the Nite Bat, John Gardi (who hosts a show on CHRW Sundays at midnight) at the Toys For Tots show 11/26/2016. Boy From Nowhere are playing tonight at the St Regis.
      19. Boy From Nowhere….Cars And Girls….live recording early 90’s at the Brunswick Hotel.
      20. Boy From Nowhere….Train Kept A Rollin’….from Thee Cave Comes Alive, a release on Action Records out of Greece which collects some of the more 60’s garage tunes from the What Wave cassette compilations.
      21. Elvis Costello….This Year’s Girl…..from the Rhino re-ish of This Year’s Model. This set is dedicated to Gary Stewart who passed away this week. Gary worked for Rhino Records and was the guy responsible for literally a TON of their really cool re-ishes! Check out any of your Rhino re-ishes and you’ll see Gary’s name in the credits.
      22. Elvis Costello….No Action….from the My Aim Is True re-ish on Rhino Records.
      23. Robin Lane and the Chartbusters….When Things Go Wrong…from the DIY  Mass. Ave release on Rhino. This one also goes out to Asa Brebner, guitarist in The Chartbusters who passed away a few weeks ago.
      24. Dangerous Birds….Alpha Romeo….from the above DIY Mass. Ave release. The DIY series is a great starting point if you’re into the whole late 70’s/early 80’s punk/new wave/pub/rock’n’roll scene that rocked the world! Not only are the essential tracks there, but some really cool obscure tracks, like this one are included. That, and great liner notes thanx to Gary Stewart!
      25. Bad Beats… The Way It Is….from their recent Off The Hook release and from Vancouver.  Guitarist Adam Payne was also the producer behind the scenes of the next 2 tracks…Big Thanx to Pete Feend for letting me in on this!
      26. Living Deadbeats…Lost….from the Hey Girl release from 2010.
      27. The Judys….Freedom 85….from their self released debut.
      28. DOA….Watcha Gonna Do….from the brand new 1978 release that collects a bunch of unreleased, demo and a few early single tracks from DOA.


      Big Thanx to Randall Pee Coltrane for taking the time to phone us today!


      Next week, we’re live from the London Music Hall Of Fame! Feel free to drop by the Museum and say Hey! Or just check out the museum as we’ve got some really cool stuff housed away!

    • April 7, 2019 2:14 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist April 5/2019


      1. Mack MacKenzie….It’s Not Worth It….from the recent Cua Tro De Los Angeles EP and Mack is on tour across North America right now.
      2. Lowdown Dirty Mojos…Lifers….from the brand new Scramin’ Hoodoo R’n’B release and feature former Londoner Paul Wootton on vocals and guitars. You may remember Paul from The Sinners, Spiral Scratch and Crawling King Snakes and now he’s in Hamilton. First London show May 3 at the Richmond.
      3. Dashboard Rattle….Fla Blue….from their recent debut release and from London.
      4. DOA….Whatcha Gonna Do….from the Something Better Change LP from about 1980 and goes out to our pooch, Joey Shithead who turned 2.
      5. Ten Heads…..You Clean Me Up…from their Swimming and Singing release and they played the Richmond last night.
      6. 63 Monroe….Drums Beat In The Background….from their brand new Faded Glory LP and they are playing next Friday at the Richmond.
      7. Running From Daylight….Breathing Fyre….from their Elvis Ain’t Dead Yet release and they will be playing with 63 Monroe next Friday along with local stunt artist and all around crazy Fenyxfyre whom this song is about.
      8. Imelda May…..Love Tattoo….from the 2007 release of the same name.
      9. Frankie and the Blue Angels….Little Sister….from a live recording at the long gone Kiplings  5/15/1988 and a request from The Dice who were in the studio during last week’s show. The Dice, along with John Welton were The Blue Angels.
      10. Bachman Turner Overdrive….Blue Collar….from their first LP from 1973 and features Londoner John B Young on uncredited tambourine.  John was inducted into the London Music Hall Of Fame a couple weeks back, and mentioned this to me. John was a roadie for BTO as well as their precursor, Brave Belt.
      11. Brave Belt….Another Way Out….from a 7” record.
      12. Brad Marino….Broken Clocks…from the brand new Extra Credit release and some mighty fine powerpop!
      13. Coaching For Sara…..She Cums In Waves….brand new download and goes out to Shane Sawyer as it was his birthday when this aired.
      14. MG & The Escorts….Someday Fool….from Nightmares From The Underworld, a compilation of 60’s Canpunk. This goes out to singer Graham Power who passed away last week.
      15. The Bad Beats….What You’re Trying To Say….from their recent Off The Hook release on Sound Flat Records out of Germany, but these youngsters are from Vancouver. Mighty fine 60’s style garagepunk that kinda reminds me of The Woggles out of Atlanta. You’ll be hearing lots more from this one!
      16. The Mongrels….All Systems Go….Usual first Sunday of the month at the Richmond for the Rock’n’Roll Rent Party.
      17. B52s….Lava….from their debut full length from 1979. Played this as The B52s announced they will no longer be touring. Can’t recall them ever playing here in London.
      18. John Hammond Jr…..’Til The Money Runs Out….from his Wicked Grin release and the start of our Firehall tribute set. The Firehall was a long running blue grass, blues, Americana type club based here in London. Similar to what CBGB’s started out as, but waaaaaayyy cleaner and quite a bit smaller. All the acts in this set played The Firehall and some have been involved in the reunions over the years.
      19. Ellen McIlwaine….Regretting Blues….from the Everybody Needs It release which features Jack Bruce on bass. When we saw Ellen at the Firehall it was a solo show, just here and her amazing guitar skills.
      20. Mainline…..Dictator….from the No Substitute release and features Mendelson Joe on vocals and guitari.
      21. Cub Koda….Bo Diddley… recording from the Firehall 4/17/1986. My first time seeing the Legendary Cub and he delivered the goods and more for the small but overly appreciative crowd that night! A Great showman and he could back it up his encyclopedic knowledge of music! Used to love reading his Goldmine columns as he knew what records I needed!
      22. Shadows Of Knight….Gospel Zone….from the Edsel Gloria re-issue.  Lead guitarist Joe Kelley used to play The Firehall on a somewhat regular basis and I stupidly never went to see him. And this is the end of our Firehall tribute set.
      23. Chocolate Watchband….Take A Ride….from their recent This Is My Voice release on Dirty Water Records.
      24. April March….Chick Habit….from her self titled release on SFTRI and the start of our female artists on compilation set….for all our regular GBG listeners out there!
      25. Fabienne Delsol….I’m Gonna Haunt You….from the Damaged Goods Cheap Sampler Volume 3. Damaged Goods is another of my fave labels as they have been re-ishing some of the stuff I missed in the 80’s and 90’s.
      26. Ludella Black…Love Pours Out From My Heart….as above.
      27. Lost Patrol….My Soul…from the Electric Carnival compilation on the Kinetic Vibes zine label out of France. Lost Patrol were from Windsor and played many of the clubs here in London in the mid 80’s to early 90’s and were featured on several What Wave releases.
      28. Tenement 13….Underworld…from the London Crawling cassette that came with What Wave zine 22 from 1996. London based and were previously known as The Hippies, under which they released a 7” record.
      29. Holly Golightly….Run Cold….from the Girl Groups Volume 1 compilation on Spinout Records.


      Out of time but certainly never out of tunes to play! This edition was dedicated to The Big Dog who would have been 89 on the day this was aired!


      Back again next week with more stuff!!

    • March 23, 2019 3:56 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist March 23/2019. Special Guest Steven R Stunning.


      1. The Dice….Crisis Landr…brand new recording and we will have 2 of the 3 members of The Dice on next week’s show. The Dice were a late 70’s to mid 80’s trio that released a couple of records, played The Cedar Lounge here in London a couple of times. They even had Mick Jagger singing backup on a song on their last album. We’ll get the details next week.
      2. Jasmine Minks….Step By Step…brand new arrival in the station from this Scottish powerpop combo.
      3. Coaching For Sara….Receive….from their latest recordings and from London/Walkerton. We’ve had them on air a couple of times for live to airs.
      4. Andy Butler…You Go Girl….from the recent Garage Heartbreak download and Andy is the leader of the 905’s who have played London a few times over the years.
      5. Paris Street Rebels….I Don’t Wanna Die Young….from a recent Dirty Water release we have at the station.
      6. Andre Williams….Cadillac Jack….from a live recording at Call The Office 10/5/2000 and was sparsely attended. Andre still put on an amazing show and one of my all time fave Call The Office shows! Andre thanked each and every one of us and invited us all up to the dressing room after the show! A true gentleman! The Strap was the backup band for this tour.
      7. Andre Williams….Raise Hell…as above. Left a few of Andre’s comments about the size of the crowd for all to hear.
      8. Andre Williams….Detroit Michigan….from the Bait And Switch LP on Norton Records from 2001. Andre worked with just about everyone in his career and this record is certainly no exception; Matt Verta-Ray, A Bones, Robert Quine, The Four Dollars, The Mighty Hannibal and so many more!
      9. Andre Williams…The Hold Up….from the Aphrodisiac LP from 2007 and this one features The Diplomats Of Solid Sound.
      10. Andre Williams….The Greasy Chicken….late 50’s single on Fortune Records out of Detroit.
      11. Andre Williams…Bacon Fat…as above. Andre had a career that spanned over 60 years and this little set is a very very short overview….Huge influence to The Cramps!  RIP Andre!
      12. Dick Dale….Miserlou….from a Greatest Hits comp and RIP to Dick, one of the originators of the surf guitar sound and certainly one that raised the bar for that genre. Touring was the only thing keeping Dick alive the last couple of years and he got to do it right up till the end.
      13. Dick Dale….Mr Eliminator…. As above.
      14. Dick Dale….The Wedge…. As above.
      15. 63 Monroe…..Drums Beat In The Background….from the brand new Faded Glory LP. This was the world radio premier for this release, and we had lead singer Steven R Stunning in the studio to talk about this record and the Record Release Party happening tonight at Call The Office.
      16. 63 Monroe…I Just Can’t Wait…. As above.
      17. 63 Monroe…Outside Of The Rat Race…as above.   Somewhere around here, we got Steven to explain the whole process of making a record and what’s involved. Hopefully some youngsters were listening and learning as Steven went through a couple of tricks to make things sound better.
      18. 63 Monroe….Faded Glory…. As above.
      19. 63 Monroe…Hot Mess… as above.
      20. 63 Monroe….Love Gets Messy… as above.
      21. 63 Monroe….Cold Crank….as above. Around here, Steven talked about a show he booked at Call The Office for Dee Dee Ramone and some of the obstacles he ran into.
      22. 63 Monroe….WWIII…. as above. Huge Thanx to Steven R Stunning for taking the time to drop by and let us spin his latest record! The record will be available at Speed City Records shortly.
      23. 63 Monroe….Punk Rock Goalie….from the Jeff LP.


      Thanx for all the emails, phone calls, messages, texts and Heys!!! And BIG Thanx to Steven R Stunning for dropping by and yammering on the radio.

      Back again next week, special guests The Dice.

    • March 11, 2019 5:14 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist March 8/2019. International Women’s Day.


      1. Tami Neilson….Holy Moses….from her Don’t Be Afraid release from last year.
      2. The Rizdales…Honky Tonk Honeymoon….from their recent Lucky Enough release and mentions The Richmond Tavern.
      3. Catl….Superfly Lady…from their recent Bide My Time Till I Die release. Catl and Bloodshot Bill are at Call The Office on Sunday for an early show.
      4. Justin and The Unclean…..Margaritas and Second Hand Smoke…from the brand new RumBar compilation from the Boston area.
      5. Krista D…..Land Mine…from the Look At Me I’m…..release.
      6. Jill Porter….You Made Yourself Clear…from her self titled release.
      7. Neverbetters…..Alone….from their recent release at the station and from London.
      8. The Johnnys….Music Loverman…from their I Like It A Lot release from 2007
      9. Cordcalling….Ransomed Felon….from their recent Simplify release and from London Ontario.
      10. Geraldine Fibbers….California Tuffy….live recording and a request.
      11. Copper Crown….Child’s Play…from their recent Walk With Fire release.
      12. Barrymores….Our Ocean…from a 2003 Winnipeg ska compilation called All You Can Eat 2 and from our pal The Invisible Man whom we had on about a year or so ago.
      13. 10 Too Many….The End Of You…. As above and Winnipeg has a big ska scene.
      14. Rhoda w/Special AKA…The Boiler….from a Best Of 2 Tone compilation.   Right around this time, Fabienne Shine and Ross The Boss phoned in to talk about the big Shakin’ Street show happening at Call The Office tonight! To paraphrase Ross, they’re gonna blow the place up!!!
      15. Julia Lee….My Man Stands Out….from a compilation called Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll and a request.
      16. Little Esther….I’m A Bad Bad Girl…. As above.
      17. Big Maybelle….One Monkey Don’t Stop The Show….from an Okeh compilation of her tracks and by request.
      18. The Hellcats…Get Off The Road….from Swamp Surfing In Memphis compilation.
      19. Jesse Mae Hemphill…..She Wolf…from a compilation called It Came From Memphis.
      20. The Dahlmanns….American Heartbeat….from a recent 7”
      21. Tiger Bombs….Baby Come On….from their brand new release on Dionysus Records.
      22. Nikki and the Stingrays….Lipstick Letters….from their Back To Detroit release.
      23. Maow….Woman’s Scorn….from The Unforgiving Sounds Of…. release on Mint Records from 1996.
      24. Dex Romweber Duo…..Weird…from their Images 13 release and goes out to drummer Sara Romweber who passed away earlier this week. We had Dex and Sara live on the radio the last and only time they were through London. Sara was a major force on the drum kit and when she played here, all you could see were sticks and hair flying.
      25. The Zellots….On The Dole…from their flexi of unreleased Vancouver recordings.
      26. The Zellots….Social Elite…from their 1981 demos from London Ontario.
      27. Vancouger….Termporary Teamwork….from their Losin’ It release.
      28. The Stolen Minks….Violet Desmond….from their High Kicks release.
      29. Now Time Delegation….Hangin’ Tree….from their only release from 2001.
      30. Shangri-Las….Sophisticated Boom Boom….from a Greatest Hits compilation and we had to fade this one out.


      Huge Thanx to Ross the Boss and Fabienne Shine of Shakin’ Street for taking the time to yammer on the phone with us about their big show tonight at Call The Office. Boy From Nowhere opens!


      Big Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, texts, messages and Heys!! It was fun doing an all female show for International Women’s Day!

      Back next week with members of 63 Monroe who are releasing a brand new album next Friday!

    • March 3, 2019 7:30 PM CST
    • Radio What Wave Playlist March 1/2019


      1. Pack AD….Paper Bag….from the recently re-ished Tintype and the Pack AD are presently on tour in Europe.
      2. Shoobies….Girl Or Gator….from the Never Mind The Hardcore release and Shoobies were playing at the Isolation Party Record release yesterday at Call The Office.
      3. 3 O’Clock Train….It’s Not Worth It….from the recent Cua Tro De Los Angeles EP and they are coming to London on Wednesday March 6th at Fitzrays.
      4. 3 O’Clock Train….Train Of Dreams…from the Wig Wam Beach release.
      5. Mack MacKenzie….The Devil Likes Me….from a live to air 6/16/2017 on Radio WW. Mack is the leader of 3 O’Clock Train and Wednesday is a rare chance to see the band live here in London.
      6. Hiroshima Hearts…Spend Your Money….from the Bone EP and HH were at Rumrunners last night.
      7. Twin Fin…..Jungle Room…from the Wine Whiskey Wine and Venom Love release and they are at the Richmond today from 4PM.
      8. Black Frame Spectacle…..Bust Out The Boogie…from the Grady Sessions release and they were playing at Rumrunners last night with Hiroshima Hearts.
      9. Dustbin Flowers….Perfect Machine….from the Made To Last release and they are at Fitzrays tonight.
      10. The Monkees….Let’s Dance On….from their first LP and a song covered by UIC many times. This is part of our set dedicated to Peter Tork who passed away last week.
      11. The Monkees….She…from their More Of The Monkees release.
      12. The Monkees….Sweet Young Thing….from their first LP and this one was always a fave of mine when I bought this record over 50 years ago! The Monkees were a HUGE influence on myself and many of the same age group as we saw them on television every week and being a rock star sure looked like the life!
      13. The Monkees….Steppin’ Stone….from the More Of The Monkees release and way before this song became a staple of garage and punk combos.
      14. Catl….Baby You All Wrong…from the Bide My Time Till I Die release and they are coming to town Sunday March 10th at Call The Office with Bloodshot Bill. And then again Friday March 15th with 63 Monroe at the Richmond.
      15. Snakerattlers…Lose My Mind…from their recent Heads Will Roll release on Dirty Water Records and a 2 piece with the same arrangement as catl.
      16. A Bunch Of Jerks….70’s Euro Minge….from the brand new Rum Bar compilation release out of Boston. Proving once again, Boston has a major music scene and always has. We’ll be playing many more tracks from this release in upcoming shows.
      17. Frankie and the WitchFingers….Pleasure….from the recent ZAM release we received at the station.
      18. Corpse Grinders….Mental Moron…..from a Fan Club release back in the mid 80’s and this features Rick Rivetts, who passed last week. Rick was in the combo Actress before it became the New York Dolls and then played in a very early version of the band.
      19. The Brats….First Rock Star On The Moon….from the Max’s Kansas City release from 1977 and this was another of Rick Rivetts combos. Killer powerpop and easily my fave song on this compilation.
      20. Andy Butler….Gonna Be Your Man…from the recent Garage Heartbreak release. Andy goes garagepunk for a release…who knows what Andy has up his sleeve for his next release!
      21. UIC….You Drive Me Mad….from the recent re-ish of Our Garage and UIC have a live show coming up March 23rd in Toronto.
      22. Jackie Shane….Standup Straight and Tall….from the double LP release from last year, and Jackie passed away a little over a week ago. Elaine Banks (who did the Jackie Shane documentary on CBC Radio several years back) was finally able to interview Jackie for the first and only time a couple weeks ago. That interview is archived on the CBC site.
      23. Jackie Shane…Shot Gun….as above. And Jackie’s double LP did not win a Grammy unfortunately.
      24. Jackie Shane….New Way Of Love….as above.
      25. Washington Squares…..D Train….from their debut LP from 1987 and this goes out to Tom Goodkind who passed away this week. We got to see them twice here in London, once at Kiplings and then later at Call The Office.
      26. Washington Squares….You Can’t Kill Me… as above. This first release got a TON of airplay at WW HQ’s when it first came out and is still a fave to this day!
      27. Tina Peel…Knocking Down Guard Rails….from the 30 Seconds Over DC compilation from 1977. This set goes out to Skip Groff, one of the early pioneers getting the  Washington DC area up and going musically with the punk/new wave explosion. Skip had a record label (Limp, which is what this release is), did college radios, took pics, ran a record store for decades and kickstarted the scene. Huge Thanx to guys like Skip who work tirelessly behind the scenes!
      28. Jeff Dahl….Get Up And Dance….from the same release as above and it appears Jeff spend some time on the east coast prior to going west.
      29. Slickee Boys….Put A Bullet Through The Jukebox….from their compilation on Line Records out of Germany and another band that benefitted from Skip Groff’s hard work behind the scenes.
      30. Slickee Boys….When I Go To The Beach….from their Cybernetic Dreams Of Pi release and a fave song as well as band. Slickees were one of the first to embrace the 60’s garage/pop ethics way back in the late 60’s and paved the way for many. Found my Slickee Boys Fan Club card hidden in this record….I was number 199.
      31. Bob Bryden and Long Day Journey….What’s Your Bag….from the recent Abandoned Songs and Living Room Jams release. Bob was in Reign Ghost back in the late 60’s and also ran Star Records in Hamilton for many years.  Bob was the guy that helped get the Forgotten Rebels on Star Records and was producer (and aural genius behind the scenes) for their first long player.
      32. Long Day Journey…Balloon Ride…from the recent Music From A Bubble release and from Hamilton.
      33. Long Day Journey….Suburban Family Bein….as above.


      Ran out of time but never tunes! Big Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages, Heys etc!!!

      Guess we had some signal issues toward the end of the show…as far as we could tell, there were no issues with the board and the issue may have been at the transmitter tower. Thanx to everyone for letting us know!

      Next week it’s International Women’s Day so an all female show next week.

    • February 24, 2019 7:42 PM CST
    • Radio What Wave Playlist February 22/2019. All Black Show as this is Black History Month


      1. Screaming Jay Hawkins….I Put A Spell On You….started with Screaming Jay’s best known song to get things rolling. From 1954!
      2. Rance Allen….Lying On The Truth….from a Stax Profiles release which came out in 1982, but this track is live and probably from the Wattstax Concert 1973.
      3. Rufus Thomas….Memphis Train….1967 release and from a Best Of Stax compilation.
      4. Sam And Dave….I Take What I Want….from the Stax Years compilation.
      5. Otis Redding….Shake….from 1965 and on the double LP of Otis’ Greatest Hits that came out in the early 70’s.
      6. Eddie Floyd…Raise Your Hand….a 1967 release and this and the above 4 songs were all released on Stax Records out of Memphis.
      7. Titus Turner….Build A Bridge Not A Wall….1961 recording and on his Sound Off release and should be played during these times.
      8. Nina Simone….Mississippi Goddam….from 1964 and on a Greatest Hits compilation.
      9. John Lee Hooker….Motor City Is Burning….1967 recording and on a Chess Greatest Hits compilation.
      10. Stevie Wonder….Living In The City….from the Innervisions release from 1973 and we played the full album length version.
      11. Last Poets….New York New York….from their 1970 self titled release and one of the first rap releases.
      12. Curtis Mayfield….If There’s A Hell Below….from a Curtis Greatest Hits and the album full length version.
      13. Bell Rays….Hole In The World…from their Let It Blast release from 1998.
      14. Gil Scott-Heron….The Revolution Will Not Be Televised….from the release of the same name and from 1971.
      15. The Impressions….Choice Of Colors…..from the Young Mods Forgotten Story from 1969.
      16. Marvin Gaye….What’s Going On?...from his Anthology release and from 1971.
      17. Cleo Page…..California Prison Farm….from a compilation called Going To California on JSP and this song was released in 1979.  Searching for more Cleo Page if anyone can help.
      18. Blind Willie Johnson….Dark Was The Night….from a release of the same name and from 1928. This song, along with many others were launched into space several years back. The idea being that if aliens find this and can listen to this they will get an idea what our music is like….
      19. Sister Rosetta Tharpe….I Shall Know Him….from her 1956 Gospel Train release and wasn’t the song I intended to play….if there were no screwups, it wouldn’t be a Radio WW!
      20. Phillips Specials….I’m A Soldier….a 1976 release on the compilation Fire In My Bones, an excellent compilation of gospel from 1944-2007. It’s on the Tompkins Square label and came out in 2009.
      21. Reverend Charlie Jackson….God’s Got It….from the Crypt release of the same name and recorded back in 1973.
      22. Muddy Waters….Tomcat….from Muddy’s least favourite release, 1968’s Electric Mud. Way different than any of Muddy’s other work, but a fave of mine.
      23. The Temptations….Psychedelic Shack…..from the Psychedelic Soul compilation and this is the album length version of the track from 1969.
      24. Bo Diddley….Elephant Man….1970 recording on the Drive By release.
      25. Death…..Freakin’ Out….from the For The Whole World release that came out in 2009 and introduced the world to Death. Originally recorded in 1975.
      26. Tarig Abubakar and the Afro Nubians….Hobey Laik….from the release of the same name from 1997 and these guys used to play Sunfest fairly regularly. Their live shows here were incredible and none of their releases have captured that intensity. Tarig went home to Sudan and ended up dying in a traffic accident.
      27. Andre Williams….Psycho….from his 1999 Red Dirt release featuring The Sadies as his backup band.
      28. Pat Hare….I’m Gonna Murder My Baby….Sun recording from the early 50’s but what makes it scary is that Pat went out and did just that. He ended up spending the rest of his life in prison. Alcohol and Pat did not mix well.
      29. Howlin’ Wolf….Highway Man….another early Sun recording and it might be Pat Hare playing the guitar on this track.


      Out of time, certainly not tunes. Back again next week with tribs to Rick Rivets, Peter Tork and Jackie Shane and a ton of new releases!


      It’s always a load of fun doing these specials and if you have anything you’d like to hear a special on, don’t hesitated to drop a line.

      Thanx Tons for all the phone calls, emails, messages and Heys!!

    • May 4, 2019 1:41 PM CDT
    • Playlist 05-04-19

      Giuda - Here Comes Saturday Night
      New York Dolls - Trash
      Rezillos - Destination Venus
      Plastic Bertrand - Pogo Pogo
      Cowboys - Some Things Never Change
      Bad Beats - What You Trying To Say
      Damned - Billy Bad Breaks
      Cayman Kings - Pink & Blue
      Dickies - Nights in White Satin
      Zeros - They Say That (Everything's Alright)
      Bad Religion - Land of Competition
      Rhino 39 - J Alfred
      Jonny Magus & The Bursting Bubbles - The Night of A Thousand Stars
      Richard and the Young Lions - Warning
      Les Breastfeeders - Hey Petite Fille
      Fadeaways - Nowhere To Hide
      99ers - Sweet Strawberries
      Wild Zeros - Nobody Can Tell Us
      Psychotic Reaction - Dying On the Vine
      Les Lulllies - What You're Doing
      Lane - Winnipeg
      Los Pepes - Let Me Tell You Something
      Wipes - Always Melow
      Djävulen Möblerar Om - Mot allt som du ar for
      Beggar Belief - All Our Known Devices
      Suck - El Cucuy
      Tracys - Wendy-O
      Hospital Food - Punx Not Dead
      Slow Faction - Haters Hate
      Snide - Disorder
      Aerosol Burns - Afraid of the Phone
      Priorities - For My Mates
      Bedpan Fight - Piece of Mind
      Scaners - UFO Crash
      Dick Dastardly's - Watch Me Go
      Cassette Apes - Wind Your Neck In
      Galileo 7 - Too Late
      Mongrelettes - I Never Told You
      Tiger Bomb - Can't Stop
      Buzzcocks - Nostalgia
      Rich Kids - Rich Kids
      Jam - In The City
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • May 4, 2019 6:43 AM CDT
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    • April 20, 2019 1:50 PM CDT
    • Playlist 04-20-19

      Dictators - Faster & Louder
      Stimulators - Loud Fast Rules
      D Generation - Degenerated
      Circle Jerks - Parade of the Horribles
      Los Pepes - Action
      Suck - #You'redead
      Djävulen Möblerar Om - Fem dagar kvar
      Beserkerz - River Deep Action High
      Dick Dastardly's - All My Friends
      Les Lullies - You're Doing Wrong
      Nave Nodriza - Muérete
      Priorities - Weekend Warriors You Say?
      Galileo 7 - Too Late
      Cayman Kings - Mercy Kill
      Lyres - How Do You Know
      Les Breastfeeders - Ma Mort D'Avant Ma Mort
      Real Kids - All Kinds of Girls
      Radio Birdman - What Gives
      Stooges - TV Eye
      Mudhoney - Revolution
      Wipes - In The Park
      Lane - Stand
      Sons & Daughters - Rebel With the Ghost
      Flesh Eaters - She's Like Heroin To Me
      Mad Daddys - Stoned For The Rest of My Life
      Cassette Apes - Wind Your Neck In
      Chuck Norris Experiment - The Truth (Sticking To My Guns)
      Manager - Lower Companion
      Slow Faction - Haters Hate
      Beggar Belief - Burn It All Down
      Tio Rico - Unfledged
      Hospital Food - Burning City
      Richard and the Young Lions - Open Up Your Door
      Mal Thursday Quintet - The Other Side of This Life
      Tiger Bomb - Here He Comes
      Wild Zeros - She Knows
      Black Mambas - Up All Night
      Yeah You Rights - I Gotta Right
      Mono Men - Your Eyes
      Johnny Thunders - Leave Me Alone
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas


    • April 20, 2019 8:34 AM CDT
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    • April 6, 2019 2:07 PM CDT
    • Playlist 04-06-19

      Richard and the Young Lions - Action Woman
      Bob Mould - Send Me A Postcard
      Palmyra Delran - Come Spy With Me
      Tiger Bomb - One Thing's For Sure
      Nave Nodriza - Destruyete
      Djävulen Möblerar Om - Against All That You Are For
      Swipes - Watergate Scandal
      Les Lullies - What You're Doing
      Wipes - In Your Mind
      Lane - Free Man
      Trophy Jump - Comfort Zone
      Cassette Apes - Wind Your Neck In
      Flash House - Die Alone
      Slack Alices - LeBomb
      Scaners - No Place In Space
      Hospital Food - You're Not PC
      Beggar Belief - Next Stop Outta Here
      Suck - Flip Cup
      No More Idols - Dalje
      Priorities - For My Mates
      Innocent - Nothing At All
      Wild Zeros - Teenage Lifestyle
      S.F.B. - Dying Breed
      Sybil - I Wanna Forget You (Just The Way You Are)
      Galileo 7 - Too Late
      Embrooks - Going But Not Gone
      Cayman Kings - I Wish I Had More Time
      Mal Thursday Quintet - Don't Want You Either
      Screaming Dead - Pretty-Mess
      Healthy Junkies - This Is Not A Suicide
      SLRB - Cheap
      Tio Rico - Unfledged
      Flesh Eaters - The Wedding Dice
      1.4.5. - Your Own World
      Va Va Voodoos - The Crusher
      Yeah You Rights - Unvulgar
      Vista Blue - My Bat, My Glove and You
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

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    • March 23, 2019 1:43 PM CDT
    • Playlist 03-23-19

      Beggar Belief - All of Our Known Devices
      Lane - Winnipeg
      Wipes - Why'd You Run
      Healthy Junkies - This Is Not A Suicide
      Suck - The Catfish
      1.4.5. - Can't Stop Movin'
      Wild Zeros - Nobody Can Tell Us
      Overjoyed - Broken Trampoline
      No More Idols - Godine
      Glue Ear - Hoax
      Slack Alices - Tasteful
      Screaming Dead - Pretty-Mess
      Hospital Food - Burning City
      Auto De-Fe - The Power Behind The Throne
      Swaktang - Your Leave
      Rollin Machine - Dirty Rock N Rolla
      Atomic Zeros - Smell of Napalm
      Trousers - Done For Good
      Stone Tape Theory - The Cracks
      Trophy Jump - Comfort Zone
      SLRB - Get Out of My Way
      Yeah You Rights - How 'Bout Now
      Va Va Voodoos - The Crusher
      Flesh Eaters - Cinderella
      Sybil - I Wanna Forget You (Just The Way You Are)
      Dick Dale - Miserlou
      Cayman Kings - Gore & Glory
      Uffe Lorenzen - Alting Er Et
      Tiger Bomb - Why Can't You Be Mine
      Mal Thursday Quintet - The Other Side of This Life
      Bob Mould - What Do You Want Me To Do
      Brad Marino - Broken Record
      Peter118 - Waiting
      Gentleman Jesse & His Men - Bryan
      Embrooks - I'm Coming Home
      Parsnip - Winter
      Woggles - Please Leave Me My Mind
      Squires of the Subterrain - Tequila And Gin
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • March 23, 2019 8:22 AM CDT
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    • March 9, 2019 1:42 PM CST
    • Playlist 03-09-19

      1.4.5. - Let's Groove
      Trousers - You Got Me Rollin'
      Stone Tape Theory - The Cracks
      Wild Zeros - Vampire Girl
      Suck - The Death Machine
      Trophy Jump - Comfort Zone
      Overjoyed - Broken Trampoline
      Glue Ear - Hoax
      Wipes - Way Too Slow
      Bob Mould - Western Sunset
      Peter118 - Waiting
      Brad Marino - Broken Record
      Healthy Junkies - This Is Not A Suicide
      Swaktang - Your Leave
      Screaming Dead - Resurrection
      Auto-De-Fe - Walk Away
      Nathan Seaton - Small Man In A Big World
      Uffe Lorenzen - Alting Er Et
      Flesh Eaters - Black Temptation
      Electric Mess - Girl With The Exploding Dress
      Harmonica Lewinski - Ghost Ride
      Parsnip - Winter
      Tiger Bomb - Scared of Heights
      Rollin Machine - No Invite
      40 Shillings on the Drum - Mean Streets (Born In The Same Gutter)
      SLRB - Camden
      Slack Alices - House of Windsor
      Cayman Kings - Mercy Kill
      Woggles - Paisley In Paradise
      Mal Thursday Quintet - Don't Want You Either
      Embrooks - You Can If You Want
      Atomic Zeros - I'm Not Cool
      No More Idols - Nepotreban
      Sybil - I Wanna Forget You (Just The Way You Are)
      Buzzcocks - Harmony In My Head
      Shattered Faith - Right Is Right
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • March 9, 2019 8:20 AM CST
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    • February 23, 2019 1:54 PM CST
    • Playlist 02-23-19

      Minutemen - Corona
      Bomboras - Take A Chance
      Sweet - Ballroom Blitz
      Birthday Party - Mutiny In Heaven
      Wipes - In Your Mind
      Embrooks - Going Not Gone
      Mal Thursday Quintet - The Other Side of This Life
      Tiger Bomb - Can't Stop
      Flesh Eaters - She's Like Heroin To Me
      Bob Mould - I Fought
      No More Idols - Dalje
      Stone Tape Theory - The Cracks
      Rollin Machine - No Invite
      Auto-DE-FE - Land of Hope & Glory
      Slack Alices - LeBomb
      Secret Living Room Band - Cheap
      S.F.B. - Storm A Brewin'
      Wild Zeros - Teenage Lifestyle
      Screaming Dead - Pretty Mess
      Trousers - Spinning the Wheel
      Cayman Kings - Pink & Blue
      Woggles - Please Leave My Mind
      Harmonica Lewinski - Gringo Grind
      Dead Moon - Dead Moon Night
      Parsnip - Winter
      Jon Davies - You Know Who You Are
      Delevators - Split Milk
      Dirty Tales - Blackout Drinking
      40 Shillings on the Drum - Mean Streets (Born In The Same Gutter)
      Peter118 - Waiting
      Swaktang - Yeah Right
      Sue - Gotta Gotta Gotta
      Mighty Ions - Pedro Morales
      Steel Chains - Grey Area
      Atomic Zeros - Smelll of Napalm
      Les Thugs - Birthday (Why Didn't You Come For My)

    • April 25, 2019 9:36 PM CDT
    • Sure thing , Steve. Wish you could have met this guy , Wally. He was a record vendor at the old flea market in Uptown Chicago. REAL Hillbilly guy , had about three teeth , greasy hair and sideburns, nicotine stains on his fingers. I used to buy all these Country and R'n'B 45s and 78s from him , usually at a buck a pop. He still had an 8 Track PLAYER SET UP in his booth in The 90's . He told me he had all of Jimmie Rogers' 78s but one , and he put them all on a cassette tape,  THEN he asked if I wanted to hear it !  HELL , YES !!  It was one of those fucking K-MART tapes , the kind that'd break in five playes or less....But , it was so cool. 

    • April 20, 2019 12:35 AM CDT
    • Thanks, John.


      Bop on!

    • April 14, 2019 9:43 PM CDT

    • April 1, 2019 12:29 PM CDT

      Here's an hour's worth of the best:



    • April 14, 2019 9:47 PM CDT
    • The Mott The Hoople '74 show did not disappoint , except that they did'nt do "Moon Upstairs" , and "Violence " was reduced to a blip on the radar (Just like on the live album). They sounded great , and that bitch , Ian Hunter , got NO damned business looking as good as he does at 80 !

    • April 3, 2019 12:56 PM CDT

      Hi all! I'm doing a blog called Rocking The Garage - It's primarily for raw music such as garage punk, punk, garage rock, surf rock, psych, rockabilly, and R&B. There you will find different styles of punk, lots of hardcore (not much pop-punk) and of course garage punk. The blog is supplemented with surf rock, rockabilly and to a lesser extent even a bit of wild R&B/blues. I post a lot of new music/artists (both from YouTube & Bandcamp). You can check out the Rocking The Garage blog from this link:

    • February 26, 2019 10:15 AM CST
    • Greetings fellow humans:

      Unless you are some kind of soulless android, you should love the latest episode of The Big Enchilada. 

      You'll hear songs by The Mekons, Rufus Thomas, Horror Deluxe, Alien Space Kitchen, Weird Omen and more.

      Play it below: