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  • March 31 - posted by Darren
    100+ Releases on the Trash Wax label, 1000's of records in stock, Cheapest international shipping on the Planet. Cramps, Monsters, Nomads, Phantom Chords, Messer Chups, Sting Rays, C.Kings, Vice Barons, Gun Club, Dead Moon, Marcel Bontempi, Lyres, and much, much more...Compilations, Rare stuff, New...
    • Location USA - Brody and the Grodie [map]
    Hello out there. Do any of ya draw stuff? I'm looking for someone who can create a drawing in the style of a golden age comic book or monster movie poster - hit me up
  • May 23, 2019 - posted by Sheep Dog
    Looking to #DJ some #CarShows in The #Ohio Area with great #Oldies & current #Rockabilly tracks if any one has a lead hit me up. Prices will vary depending on clients needs

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