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The GaragePunk Hideout is a low-budget social networking site for fans of raw, wild, primitive, untamed rock 'n' roll of various styles (including, obviously, garage rock and garage punk). debuted on the Internet back on June 16, 2001, as an online home for founder Jeff "Kopper" Kopp's KDHX radio show, The Wayback Machine, and over the years evolved as a simple HTML website to a PHPbb message board (the old GaragePunk Forums), a podcast blog and the original home for GaragePunk Pirate Radio (later renamed Radio Mutation), a Ning network, and finally, what you see before you now, a Social Engine site. The Hideout serves as a place to interact with other rock'n'roll freaks just like yourself, share music of your own, as well as post and share videos, photos, events, classified ads, etc. Plus, for bands and labels, this is a great place to promote your stuff to an audience that obviously already loves it, otherwise they wouldn't be here! So, in that regard, it's kind of like a Facebook for REAL rock'n'rollers... only better because you won't encounter a bunch of scammers here trying to access your account with phishing schemes and other underhanded bullshit like psychological experiments, data mining, selling your browsing history to advertisers, being controlled by Russian bots, and on and on and on) that you see happening on (ahem) Farcebook. So we hope you like it here and that you plan on spending some time taking advantage of everything the site has to offer. Feel free to contribute to some discussions in the Forums, add some shows, garage fests, parties, or whatever to the Events section, post a blog on your page, etc. Oh, and be sure and invite your friends, too.