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Garage Rock in Thailand Part 3

  • Last weekend (April 6) Japanese noise rock legends Melt Banana performed at a small hall in Bangkok called SOL Space (part of a mini arts complex and recording studio run by Japanese expat musician Koichi Shimizu). The gig was amazing - Melt Banana were incredibly loud and super tight, and the lighting was also great - lots of strobes and smokey colours.Also on the bill that night were the excellent local band Rocket Science (mentioned in Part 2 of this blog), Low Fat (see Part 1) and a new band called TSOS, a fun hardcore punk band with short, tight rockin' songs. The singer used to be in a great Bangkok band called Blood Thirst Spider. Here's some footage from a recent TSOS gig:

    TSOS Live

    Here's a cool experimental live video of grunge rockers Rocket Science, filmed at the Melt Banana gig:

    Rocket Science

    Another new band to check out is The Sangsom Massacre. Named after a brand of cheap but tasty Thai rum, The Sangsom Massacre have a cool garage rock sound reminiscent of 70s Iggy Pop. I haven't actually seen them live yet, but there are a few live clips on YouTube, like this:

    Sangsome Massacre

    Finally for this post, I want to mention one of my favourite Thai bands - the all-girl trio Yellow Fang. This band has being going for a couple of years and have released around three EPs so far (album due later this year). They have a cool grungy guitar sound and sweet harmonies that give their songs a really distinctive sound. Yellow Fang play regularly in Bangkok and supported Vivian Girls when they played their excellent gig here in 2012. There are loads of Yellow Fang videos on YouTube. Here's one of their more recent releases:

    Yellow Fang