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  • Garage Rock in Thailand part 4

    On June 1, 2013 The King Khan and BBQ Show began their latest Asian tour at Cosmic Cafe in Bangkok. It was a fantastic night and the venue was packed. As well as putting on a brilliant show (despite some onstage hassles from a too-drunk fan or two), King Khan and Mark Sultan were great guys, watchin...
  • Garage Rock in Thailand Part 3

    Last weekend (April 6) Japanese noise rock legends Melt Banana performed at a small hall in Bangkok called SOL Space (part of a mini arts complex and recording studio run by Japanese expat musician Koichi Shimizu). The gig was amazing - Melt Banana were incredibly loud and super tight, and the ligh...
  • Go Devils live in Melbourne!

    The Go Devils are an all-girl garage rock band from Japan. They're great, and if anybody is in Melbourne over this coming weekend, you should go and see them! Here's a live clip on YouTube: Go!
  • New Thai surf garage band!

    Last night I played a gig with my band Basement Tape at a groovy little venue in Bangkok called Harmonica (always great gigs there!). Also on the bill was a new band called Triggs & the Longest Day. This was their first gig and they were great! Reminded me a bit of old Brian Jonestown Massacre, ...
  • Garage Rock in Thailand (Part 1)

    Since I've been living in Bangkok for about five years, I thought I'd write about some of the garage rock bands here in Thailand for anybody interested in checking out something different, or in case anybody is visiting Thailand and wants to check out some good local music bands. I'll try to provide...