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  • Sacred Skin and Pussy & The Learjets

    Just posted a new video, featuring Itchy Skin, the B Side of Pussy & The Learjets debut single, out with Metal Postcard (HK). The short film Sacred Skin - The Movie presents Sacred Skin, a new book on Thailand's sacred tattoos. Incidentally, the LJs song is about the same subject. Check out the ...
  • Dirty Water - Pussy & The Learjets

    Yes, Pussy & The Learjets are releasing some hot new material to all you Hideouts out there. I just posted a video for Dirty Water, The Standells' classic, dragged through Bangkok's canals. Enjoy. There's more to come.
  • Pussy & The Learjets long awaited debut single available on iTunes now!

    Pussy & The Learjets on iTunes
  • New Pussy & The Learjets video up on youtube. Nothing can bring me down in punk rock time lapse

    Pussy & The Learjets play Nothing can bring me down on Youtube now! This Twilighters classic will be on Thailand's noisiest Rock'n'Roll band's forthcoming debut single on Metal Postcard (HK). For more videos, photos, info on shows etc., visit the Learjets at!
  • An Interview with Pussy & The Learjets - Traversing the Orient Magazine, February, 2011 - PART 1

    Pussy & The Learjets are talking….across four pages of this month’s Traversing the Orient Magazine! Om Chatakahn aka Pussy, The Learjets’s fantabulous singer, spills her beans on her love for Rock’n'Roll, live music and performance. Here is Part 1! Read the rest at or on the ...
  • Pussy & The Learjets live at Chez Lodin, Bangkok, February 26th

    The Learjet Show is back, with a new song, The Jet Cat Blues, new energy (purchased from a stranger in a dark soi) and a new venue. The band previously announced that they would be playing a second show at nospace on RCA, but we have shifted the show. Pussy and The Learjets will set your pants on f...
  • Tura Satana has died

    Tura Satana, the trash queen of the 1960s, the star of Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, the only film Russ Meyer made that did not contain nudity, died a few days ago. In "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!" Satana played Varla, the leader of a trio of thrill-seeking go-go dancers who kills a man with her ...
  • Pussy & The Learjets live at Motorcycle Empitness Bar

    Pussy of The Learjets captured by Aroon Thaewchatturat in mid-flight at the Motorcycle Emptiness Bar in Bangkok.
  • Manis on Fire

    Pussy & The Learjets bass player Manis On Fire exploded in a provincial town near Bangkok this weekend. There were no casualties.A spokesman for the band tried to calm the situation and stated this morning that Manis On Fire, the Learjets’ most fashionable member, is made of solid Rock'n'Roll m...
  • Pussy & The Learjets love Frank Sinatra!

    Frank Sinatra, one of the great American music icons of the 20th century summed up the mission ahead better than anyone... Says Frank. "Rock 'n Roll: The most brutal, ugly, desperate, vicious form of expression it has been my misfortune to hear. " Pussy & The Learjets could not agree more. Who ...
  • Pussy & The Learjets - Song in the Making - Who's got the best title?

      Pussy & The Learjets rehearsed in a room that sounded like an abattoir tonight. The sound fell off the walls of the studio. And The Learjets threw it right back. Until it stuck. A new song is in the making.It's fast and dirty and it will land in under three minutes. And Pussy & The Learje...
  • Pussy & The Learjets live in Bangkok - Two shows confirmed for February

    Bangkok, Thailand´s capital, is not known for its music scene, especially not for its garage punk scene, which is what I´d call modest. A handful of bands, most of them predominantly put together by foreigner residents, play a handful of venues. Another handful of bands, most assembled by young Thai...
  • Pussy & The Learjets on Facebook

    Follow Pussy & The Learjets on Facebook...find out what the band is listening to and get the latest news on their nefarious the band enjoyed checking out Barry White's I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More Baby and Horses by Patti
  • Pussy & The Learjets - Garage Rock'n'Roll from Bangkok

    Hi, I'm the guitar player in Pussy & The Learjets, a garage punk band based in Bangkok, Thailand, that will soon release its debut vinyl single on Metal Postcard Records. The band formed late last year and has played just two raucous shows so far. So you're in it from the start. This blog will a...