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  • i just want my phone to be a walkman

    When the air gets cold around here I start to remember the days when I could stay up all night.  Now it just seems dark enough to sleep. But I'm up before the sun most days.
  • podcast fury

    ripped from the back of a magazine left in the bottom of your own heart break living in the wake just for fun tearing up the lessons and wrecking the living room following the tricks and fantasy believing in the right now and the amusement of it all its fucking contageous one hour sinking underneath...
  • first one

    really just talkin' shit here used to put all this in a note book.  but it seems much better to post these things while listening to podcasts .  lots of songs come out on these pages.  and lots of drunken blathering too..venting and the like..nonsensical robot language  rhymes and here ...