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  • Kustom City Sounds Tonight!!!!!

  • Let's Have A Party!!!!!!!! Kustom City Sounds 11-4-11

  • Kustom City Sounds Playlist 10/21/2011

     Kustom City Sounds Playlist: 10-21-11 Hour One The Woggles – What I Say The Hellacopters – Paul Stanley Screamin’ Joe Neal – Rock And Roll Deacon The Five Aces – You Just Can’t Lose Ratboys – Goin’ Back To School Supersuckers – Creepy Jackalope Eye Cavemanish Boys – When People Talk The Stairs – W...
  • Kustom City Sounds Playlist: 9-2-11

    Kustom City Sounds Playlist: 9-2-11 Hour 1A – Bones – Don’t Need No Job Black Lips – Mad Dog Love – A House Is Not A Motel Seger Liberation Army – East Side Story Swingin’ Neckbreakers – Stop, Drop, Wiggle The Beat Up – Messed Up The Black Hollies – Run With Me Chuck Berry – You Can’t Catch Me Elvis...
  • Kustom City Sounds

    Kustom%20City%20Sounds%20Playlist%208-12-11.docx A rock and roll dance party on Friday nights on the internet, hell yeah!@!!!!!!! Description The mantra: If it rocks, it gets played. Don't care if it's 5 minutes old or 50 years old, my fellow babies!!!!!.... All the rock and roll tribes are ...